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  • Thursday, September, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:10:07
  • Finally, we know where the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo will go. A poster with the player’s congratulations appeared on the official page of the “Manchester United” football club: “Welcome home, Ronaldo!”. So after 12 years of playing in other teams, the top scorer returned to the place where he began his successful career in 2003-2009. Now football fans can not only remember their youth, watching the game of the Portuguese in his home club but also place bets at Rabona sports.

    Rumors of Ronaldo’s transition have been circulating around the world for several months. Although the contract with Juventus and the footballer ends only next summer, the Portuguese decided not to delay the transfer. He’d signed a contract with “Manchester United” until 2023.

    Till the last moment, news feeds were full of information that Cris would join the ranks of another Manchester team — “Manchester City”. But the “citypeople” withdrew from the negotiations at the last moment. Still, unknown why. Also, a lot of fans assumed that following Messi, Ronaldo would also move to “Paris Saint-Germain”. Fan confidence has grown, especially after player agent Mendes was spotted in Paris on 26 August. However, PSG President Nasser Al-Helaifi categorically denies any negotiations over the Portuguese’s transfer. Moreover, Al-Helaifi claims that Ronaldo’s candidacy was not even considered as another “acquisition” of the French club.

    Experts say that such numerous “stars” as Neymar, Messi, and Ronaldo in one team would not be very popular among the audience. The strengths of the best footballers were distributed almost evenly across different clubs. And many football fans love to root for their favorite players both in national teams and in club competitions together with Rabona sports.

    According to media reports, “Juventus” will receive about $30 million from the Red Devils for the transfer. The Portuguese will earn $25 million per year.

    After leaving the Red Devils, Cristiano played for “Real Madrid”, and in 2018, he became a “Juventus” player.

    The footballer has already said goodbye to his fellows. He spent only 40 minutes at the training base, as the fans of the football player have noticed (they also came to wish good luck to the star). A short video on social media shows us a smiling champion driving away to meet his new “old” team, where he is loved and expected. It seems that he is not upset at all, and nostalgia for the old days pleases the player with quick changes. More than 200 thousand fans were unsubscribed from the club’s official page in 2 days after Cristiano left the ranks of “Juve”.

    Playing in “Juventus”, Cris was unable to bring significant victories to the team. But his return to “United” could restore the Red Devils to their former glory and raise them in the rating lists. It turns out to be quite symbolic that the footballer spends the final stage of his career with the team of his “blossom”.

    At 36, Cristiano is in great shape, still scoring over 20 goals in a season. Will he be able to increase the popularity of Manchester United once again and win over the fans? Well, we’ll be watching the results of exciting transfers with Rabona sports!


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