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  • Are There Any Reliable News Websites Left to Trust? – Check Out “The Weekly Mail” and “The Frontier Times” for Authentic News

    Published on July 9, 2021

    Nowadays, everyone visions and desires to stay updated about the occurrences of certain unwelcomed events that are taking place in society whether they might be happening in our metropolitan cities, states, nations, or worldwide. Due to the surge in the pandemic, we all are compelled to stay within the four walls of our houses and unfortunately have to rely on the internet for a better understanding of the ongoing events around the world.

    Internet helps us in creating a positive perspective towards something as well as a negative one too. Irrelevant or fake news relating to unpredictable events has started flooding in a huge amount over the internet and that is why it has become difficult for the readers to identify which one is a reliable source and which news platform to trust that would provide relevant and highly dependable news. Truth should be the main concern and topmost priority of a news channel or website, but unfortunately, this is what many lack today.

    Keeping this in mind, Sachin Kumar Meena, a renowned actor as well as an enthusiastic artist, discovered a news website named “THE WEEKLY MAIL” (theweeklymail.com). This website, founded by ‘Sachin Kumar Meena’ and co-founded by ‘Bhawani Singh Meena’, gives readers an opportunity to experience genuine facts of the events that are taking place around the world. The website got a green signal in 2020 and has already hit 50k Monthly Active Users (MAU) to date and is still counting more.

    The website consists of certain categories that can be easily found by enthusiastic readers when they land on the homepage and the list of categories might include Business, Health, Sports, Technology, Lifestyle, National, and much more. The best part about this website is that the readers do not have to spend even a penny to read the latest and authentic news at all. Now they do not require to buy a newspaper or a magazine because getting access to news has been made easy. They just have to log in. 

    Another reliable news source is “THE FRONTIER TIMES” (thefrontiertimes.com), founded by the same person ‘Sachin Kumar Meena’. This site was launched recently in 2021 and has hit 20k Monthly Active Users (MAU). However, the above-mentioned news source, that is, “The Weekly Mail” majorly focuses on the national news, whereas “The Frontier Times” mainly focuses on the international or foreign news.

    The best thing about this news source is that readers can know about the happenings of the entire world by sitting at home while sipping a cup of coffee. The readers can read news according to their interests as the website gives them the freedom to select their favorite category and thereby presenting the news to a viewer’s interest.

    Getting access to authentic information and genuine news is a ‘RIGHT’ of every individual so that they can make up their decision that what is right or wrong and can create a better view of their surroundings.

    The Weekly Mail and The Frontier Times offer the same and meet reader’s expectations. So do not fall into the traps and choose wisely because what you read shapes your mind and your mind is your main asset. Assure its positive growth.


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