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  • Are virtual relationships solving the problem of depression and loneliness among individuals?

    Published on December 18, 2019

    The feeling of having someone special in your life is invaluable. Everyone needs that someone who is always standing by their side, someone whom they can trust and share their feelings with and most importantly, someone who can make them feel wanted and loved. That someone can be your boyfriend, spouse or a dear friend. But what if that someone just vanishes from your life or becomes oblivious?

    The mere thought of loneliness or heartbreak is annoying. Imagine people who are tackling with this problem day in and day out. This is not a good state to be in and today’s faced paced life is only adding fuel to it. This state might lead people towards depression and individuals from the age bracket of 15 – 50 falls in this category.

    Alarming isn’t it? Well today the world is using technology to grow, why can’t we? Today online dating apps are providing a common ground where like-minded individuals are meeting to over-come loneliness in their lives. It has been noticed that people who have been shy all their lives are more active on virtual accounts as they can convey their heart’s message without hesitation and fear.

     “In the same context, Gleeden; world’s first discreet extramarital dating app by women stated that they have witnessed a consumer growth of +734% in the last one year!”

    Today, dating apps are not only catering to the needs of the younger generation but are also helping in providing a 2nd door to people who are stuck in their unhappy marriages or relationships. They are helping them in reaching out to like-minded individuals who might be going through the same problem and can help each other out. Finding that someone special online is not helping people in rejuvenating their monotonous lives but is also helping them in soothing their current relationships.

    Gleeden data shows that; “4 women out of 10 admitted that flirting with a stranger helped them to improve the intimacy with their official partner: infidelity can be therapeutic too!”

    Well it’s safe to say that men are way ahead than the women gender in this dating game as they are coming up with new ways to cater to this newly found treasure.

    Gleeden data shows that; “17% of unfaithful men has a secret checking account dedicated exclusively to the extramarital expenses”

    Though women are not far behind and they are actively using these dating platforms to over-come the troubles faced in their existing relationships and to change their lives for good. They are finding reliable and like-minded partners online who are not only helping them restart a new life but is also helping them to over-come depression.


    Gleeden data shows that; “77% of Indian women cheat because they are bored by their monotonous married life “ Also, “52% of women and 57% of man have already cheated on their partners during a business trip”

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