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  • Are You Always Required to Contact a Car Accident Lawyer?

    Published on April 9, 2020

    Car accidents are far and away one of the most common types of accidents that happen. As the old saying goes, you can be the safest driver on the road, but you can never account for other people. Every year in Canada, there are around 160,000 recorded car accidents. This means that throughout a person’s lifespan, they’re more likely than not to be involved in an accident. And it could be because their negligence caused it, or perhaps they were the innocent victim.

    Either way, most people involved in an accident have a pertinent question they want to be answered: Am I required to contact a car accident lawyer if I get into an accident? The simple, short answer to this is no. No, you are not required by law to contact anyone but the insurance, as most accidents are fender-benders where no one is injured. If there’s a serious accident, the police will arrive on the scene anyway, and at least one of the parties involved will have to be in touch with a lawyer soon enough.

    However, another question that should be asked: Should I contact an accident attorney if I’m involved in a wreck? That answer is always the same.

    Yes, You Should Always Contact a Lawyer

    While you may not be required by law to contact an attorney, this is something you should still always do. Even if it’s just a minor accident, allowing it to slide without legal help could put you in a tight position where the other party pursues action, and you’re caught unaware and are being pressed for damages from your insurance. There are also tons of other scenarios that could arise. The point is that you should always contact a lawyer, and here are some reasons why.

    5 Reasons to Always Contact an Auto Accident Attorney

    1: Helping with Insurance

    Insurance can be a tricky thing. Don’t let their heartfelt, funny commercials fool you; insurance is all about profit to stay in business, and they will come after you like vultures if they think there’s any profit in it for them. The companies are also notoriously hard to deal with if someone’s seeking a monetary settlement. All of these issues add up and prove that you need a qualified attorney in your corner.

    2: For the Sake of Court

    Another good reason to hire a car accident lawyer is for the possibility of the matter going to court. Often it is the case that it’s civil court, but these cases can still bankrupt people. Whether you were the victim or the liable party, a lawyer is going to help you mitigate your losses while maximizing potential rewards. You certainly want to reach out and seek counsel here.

    3: Help in Settling

    As mentioned previously in brief fashion, insurance companies are greedy sticklers when it comes to paying out any money for anything. If it’s just a random person demanding money, the likelihood they’ll payout is almost impossible. However, a lawyer in your corner puts the sort of pressure on these companies that you need. Very often it’s the case that they’ll settle for an amount you’re good with, just to keep from going to court, but this doesn’t happen without a lawyer.

    4: Aggressive Representation

    A lawyer will also provide the sort of aggression in representation that you need to ensure things move along in a timely fashion. The wheels of justice do turn slowly, especially in the civil world, but a competent lawyer can really help to speed things along here. You will also need this sort of aggressive representation to ensure you’re treated fairly and are not taken advantage of by huge companies.

    5: It’s an Important Matter

    One thing here you should always realize is that you only have one shot at this. After a settlement, you can’t go back a few years later if you find you aren’t satisfied. And if you’re the one on the hook, there’s no appeal for whatever the decision ends up being. So you must make the most out of this one-shot by hiring a good lawyer to represent you.

    This is a very tricky situation, by and large, and people cannot always navigate their way by themselves. Hire a lawyer if you’ve been involved in any sort of auto accident. You’ll be glad you did.