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  • Arete launches #CyberSurakhshitIndia campaign to boost cybersecurity awareness

    Published on October 18, 2022

    The campaign will address cybersecurity challenges such as ransomware attacks, data hacking, and restoration to boost cybersecurity awareness.

    Arete, a global cyber risk management company, has launched the #CyberSurakhshitIndia campaign to drive awareness around the increasing cyberattacks and how to combat them. This initiative underlines Arete’s commitment to addressing cybersecurity challenges faced by businesses by providing them with robust world-class solutions. 

    The world is more connected than ever in the wake of increasing digitization. While leveraging customer data to offer personalized experiences is crucial to stay relevant in today’s digital-first world, brands should also ensure that this data remains safe at every point possible. In this context, Arete is launching a unique podcast series to educate businesses and prepare them to respond efficiently to attacks. It will also publish well-researched and insightful blogs and articles on its website, covering the recent cybersecurity developments and preventive measures to tackle them.

    Mr. Raj Sivaraju, President of APAC, Arete, said, “India is witnessing rising cases of ransomware attacks, especially after the pandemic. As businesses – mainly SMBs – continue to operate in a hybrid mode, the need for robust security infrastructure is more obvious than ever. Strengthening cybersecurity is the need of the hour, and leaders must not have any second thoughts about its criticality. Being a pioneer in this space, Arete understands the security gaps of today’s businesses and helps bridge them with our experience, expertise, and proprietary technology. Our latest campaign is also in sync with the same vision. We want to empower businesses and better equip them to react wisely to upcoming occurrences of cyber-attacks.”

    Arete helps companies around the world take back control of their systems and restore normal business operations, manage their cyber posture, and provide cyber advisory services. They are adept at assessing their clients’ security posture to uncover gaps and assisting them with regulatory compliance for prevention and recovery. With its robust suite of solutions, Arete is experienced in containing threats, mitigating damage, and determining if ransom payment is the last resort. Leveraging the power of its proprietary data analytics can help your business regain control of its systems and restore normal operations within a few days, strengthening your cybersecurity approach to combat future events.


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