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  • Arjun Shah – Entrepreneur, Talent Manager, Marketing Consultant and now Producer

    Published on July 5, 2022

    When two powerhouses come together, expect nothing but fireworks. India’s leading rapper and music composer, Dino James represented by Arjun Shah’s talent agency ‘Shark & Ink’ is creating the right waves in the industry. The supremely talented artist recently launched his debut album ‘D’ which has got a terrific response from both the hiphop community and the general audience. Through the process of launching this album, Arjun Shah also donned the hat of a producer.

    Previously, ‘Shark & Ink’ had joined hands with several renowned names from the entertainment industry. Moreover, the company has had collaborations with the biggest brands, creators and influencers from different niches. Known for talent management, content marketing, music and lifestyle, Shark & Ink reps the best artists from the music and entertainment industry.

    Dino James’ album was released on Def Jam India on May 24. This is Dino’s first album as well as the first album on the label from the sub-continent. The album consists of 13 tracks including collaborations with Emmy award winning producer AAKASH, Bollywood sensation Nikhita Gandhi and Kaprila. Dino James’ longtime friend director Himanshu Tyagi was behind the 3 music videos.

    Needless to say, Dino James’ debut album ‘D’ has turned into a massive chartbuster and is ruling playlists across streaming platforms and radio stations. The rapper was also chosen to be the face of Spotify’s playlist ‘Rap 91’ which is the face of Indian hiphop.

    Talent agent Arjun Shah was ecstatic to reveal that he, along with Shark & Ink team members Ashish and Neeraj were involved in putting together the music video for Dino James’ – Pyaar Pyaar.  “Cinematographer  Mikhael Shah and our director Himanshu Tyagi are the best in the business. I have learned so much from them” says Arjun.

    Apart from this, Arjun Shah’s ‘Shark & Ink’ worked alongside Def Jam India to strategise and execute a brilliant marketing campaign ahead of the album launch. Right from the graffiti campaign in the city to the social media trends, ‘D’ dominated the internet brilliantly. When asked about the album and the work that went behind it, Shah quipped “We have an uber talented artist Dino James, that drives everyone to bring their best to the table. It is an infectious energy.”

    In addition, the launch of the music album has created hysteria on the internet. Multiple songs were trending across platforms and seemed to have left the right impact on people. With the release and mass appreciation for the album, Dino James has proven that he is here to stay. When asked about what’s next, Shah says “Keep tuned. This is just the beginning.”


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