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  • Artistes and Thought Leaders Endorse Sustainable Practices at Tata Power’s SIA Fest

    Published on June 1, 2023

    New Delhi / Mumbai: The recently concluded ‘Sustainable Is Attainable Festival’ (SIA Fest), organized by Tata Power, India’s leading integrated power company, witnessed an enthusiastic turnout of influential leaders from diverse fields to champion the collective endeavour for a greener tomorrow. The one-day event was attended by celebrities from the entertainment industry as well as political and corporate leaders, ambassadors, and foreign embassy delegates, enabling meaningful discussions on the role of policies and collaborations in shaping the global green energy agenda.

    The one-day fest saw celebrities from the entertainment world put their weight behind the green cause. Renowned music composer, environmentalist, and three-time Grammy Award-winning Musician and Environmentalist,  Ricky Kej delivered a captivating musical performance with his eco-conscious melodies, actor, filmmaker, sportsman, and social activist, Rahul Bose participated in an engaging panel discussion on ‘Making Sustainability A Movement’ with participation from Actor, YouTuber and UNDP India Youth Climate Champion, Prajakta Koli.

    The three-time Grammy Award-winning Indian music composer and environmentalist Ricky Kej stressed on the importance of ‘Walking the Talk’ with sustainable choices and lifestyle, in order to combat the global climate change crisis. He cited personal examples by taking the audience through his choice of minimal lifestyle, to explain how individual actions can contribute significantly towards reducing carbon footprints.

    Working on the ground for the last 15 – 17 years, in terms of connections to make between problems and climate change, Rahul Bose cited the example of the Sunderbans where the sea levels have risen and flooded the rivers and destroyed the agriculture fields. The farmers have now become fishermen leading to a radical change in their lives and livelihoods. The entire native population quietly move out of their villages due to a lack of resources causing massive migration. In addition, due to this crisis, minority groups like women and children suffer malnutrition, impacting maternal health and babies adversely. It was also stated that 22 crore people – equal to 3 United Kingdoms – are estimated to migrate from villages to urban centers by 2030 due to climate change.

    Citing that she was pleasantly surprised at being chosen as a Youth Climate Champion by UNDP India, Prajakta Koli added that most young people believe it is an institutional problem, and the government will take care of it. Climate change conversations need to be had in a language that is understandable and relatable. The presentations made in boardrooms translate into creatives on Instagram and that leads to no impact. The youth needs to grow up looking at sustainability as a lifestyle and not as a lifestyle change, she added.

    In an endeavor to encourage more people to adopt sustainable practices, SIA Fest felicitated individuals who have been strong advocates for sustainability as ‘Champions of Change’. Those honored with this title included Ms. Bhumi Pednekar, an actor who is also India’s first National Advocate for Sustainable Development Goals appointed by the UNDP.

    SIA Fest marks a significant milestone in India’s journey towards a sustainable future, fostering engaging discussions and thought-provoking exchanges among prominent voices in the sustainability and green energy realm. The event underscored the critical role of individual and collective action, as well as support for start-up and technology ecosystems, serving as catalysts for innovation and disruption in achieving a low-carbon, energy-efficient, and sustainable world for all. It also aims to create a lasting impact on public awareness and promote the adoption of green energy solutions through its ‘Sustainable Is Attainable’ campaign.

    The one-day SIAFEST, the culmination of the Sustainable Is Attainable Movement initiated by Tata Power and its partner organizations, not only celebrated India’s remarkable strides towards a clean energy future but also outlined strategic priorities and set ambitious goals for the future.

    ‘Sustainable Is Attainable’ aims to create a lasting impact on public awareness and promote the adoption of green energy solutions. Tata Power is committed to driving the green energy culture in India and working towards a vibrant, clean, green, and sustainable future for the nation.


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