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  • Ashok Singh Jaunapuria on how having a great team has benefited him in his stint

    Published on December 1, 2022

    Oftentimes, even the greatest ideas don’t meet their end result. Do you know why? There may be several reasons, but not having a great team is surely at the top! Don’t believe us? Then take it from Ashok Singh Jaunapuria’s experiences. He is a real estate developer who has laid the foundation for multiple buildings.

    Now, standing in such a field where achieving goals without the support of numerous hands and minds isn’t possible, he surely should have a great team. And Ashok Singh Jaunapuria does! For over 15–20 years, he has been working and checking off goals one after the other with the same people. This seems unbelievable, right? But that is true! The developer has bonded his team strongly for decades, and with that, he has also achieved organizational growth!

    Ashok Singh Jaunapuria believes having a powerful team is extremely essential. He says, “I’m grateful to every person on my team for standing with me and the company through all the thick and thin. I’m glad that we have come so far together, and I cannot imagine all this success without them. These are the people who share the same mind and believe in my vision. I hope that this collaboration lasts for years.”

    Underlining the importance of a great team, Ashok Singh Jaunapuria says, “I consider my team my greatest asset. If you have a strong team, then even the biggest mountains can be ascended. Moreover, even research shows that collaborative problem-solving leads to good outcomes.”

    Ashok Singh Jaunapuria, who is also the managing director and CEO of SS Group, has built significant projects in Gurugram, which include The Hibiscus, SS Plaza, Southend, Aaron Ville, The Lilac, etc. Moreover, he was awarded by CNBC for the Hibiscus project against DLF Magnolias.


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