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Ashoka University’s CSIP invites application for new Research Fellowship

Starting January 2022, the nine month long Fellowship will on-board 10 research fellows

New Delhi: The Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy (CSIP) at Ashoka University recently launched a call for applications for its Research Fellowship aimed at building knowledge of philanthropy in India.

With all the primary research being done via computer, tablet or phone, this Research Fellowship will be conducted digitally. Some of the areas that the fellowship will focus on include different kinds of philanthropy in India – philanthropy fund movements, individual giving, impact of COVID-19 on the philanthropy ecosystem in India, diversification of philanthropy out of traditional sectors etc.

The nine month long Fellowship is open to individuals who are based in India full-time and possess several years of relevant professional research experience. The Fellowship will commence in January 2022. Ten fellows will be selected and shall be expected to undertake primary research, attend monthly calls, and participate in online workshops to develop their skills in research, data collection methods, analysis and writing.

Speaking at the launch of the Fellowship, Ingrid Srinath, CSIP Director, said, “While philanthropy in India is rapidly gaining momentum, there is still very little research in this space. The Research Fellowship launched by CSIP is expected to enhance our shared understanding of philanthropy in India, how it is changing, and what the opportunities and challenges it faces are. Through this Fellowship, CSIP aims to strengthen the field of research on philanthropy and give researchers an opportunity to broaden their horizons.”

Adding to this, Swati Shresth, Research Director CSIP said,Elated to announce that CSIP is launching a Research Fellowship that will go beyond the usual research around philanthropy in India. This Fellowship will help all the researchers in this space to establish a mark for themselves. The research areas of this Fellowship will help the researcher get a deep understanding of the sector and build robust solutions for greater social impact.”

CSIP is seeking two types of fellows – individual researchers and individuals working with small grassroots nonprofit organisations in India, who can spend half of their time on the research project. For the second type of fellow, a fellowship may be shared between two or three individuals in a small organisation.

Fellows will be selected based on the strength of their research proposal, previous research experience, ability to commit to the fellowship, and ability to produce the desired output. Women, LGBTQIA+, Dalit, Adivasi, people with disabilities and members of other minority and marginalised groups are particularly encouraged to apply.

Remuneration of INR 9, 00,000 will be provided to the Fellows, which includes stipend and research expenses. The last date to submit applications is 30th September, 2021.

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