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  • AsiaMe is Making Online Dating Easier than Ever During COVID-19 Lockdown

    Published on March 22, 2021

    The COVID-19 has changed many of our daily life habits and formed “new normal”. Online dating is one of them.

    The world crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting every area of our lives. The situation forced us to change our ways of living, give up on regular activities, limit our movements, and act more responsibly than ever. The ultimate priority is to stay safe; protect ourselves and protect others. That priority demands some sacrifice, including going out and meeting new people. Since it’s human nature to need affection and company, everyone is looking for new, safer ways to date. Online dating is currently the safest and most popular dating practice. It allows users to keep their love lives active, gives them hope and something good to look forward to.

    AsiaMe.com is an online dating website that connects people across the world with Asian singles. The platform has been attracting international users for over 20 years. The representatives of AsiaMe.com reported that user activity has been in the constant increase since 2020 when the world got struck by COVID-19 and lockdowns.

    Online dating is ultra-popular right now, and it tends to become a new dating trend when the world people are fighting against COVID-19. AsiaMe.com encourages you to join the website and use their high-level tools and a smart matchmaking system. The app offers outstanding opportunities to meet single Asian women. You have all the odds in your favor. However, you need to have the basic knowledge to start the online dating journey.

    How to Meet People on AsiaMe.com?

    1. Sign up

    Make a profile on AsiaMe.com. It requires basic information that will put you in the user directory. The registration is simple and takes only a few minutes. You can find all the fields you need to fill on the home page. Make sure that you enter the correct details. Remember the login information so you can always sign in again.

    1. Complete your profile

    Completing your profile is crucial for success on dating websites. You need to fill every part of your profile. If you skip certain parts, you will decrease the chance of finding the right match. The matchmaking system uses profile information to connect people. Thus, you must write what you are looking for on the app; the requirements that your potential partner has to meet. The more you write about yourself, the more accurate the matchmaking results will be. Upload a high-quality profile photo, write a descriptive bio, list your favorite features in women, hobbies, goals, your motto, and anything else that will help other users learn more about you. The same way, other users will enter their information and you will know who you want to talk to according to their profiles.

    1. Run the matchmaker

    Start searching for people on AsiaMe. The information you provided will shortlist members with similar interests and preferences. You will see a list of pretty Asian singles that are also looking for love during the pandemic. Check the profiles of all members and send messages to those that you find most interesting.

    1. Have a slow start

    Since you have time in abundance and many single users that you can talk to, you don’t need to rush. Start making connections slowly. It is highly recommended to begin conversations smoothly; with funny jokes or questions related to the profile of the girl you are talking to. For example, if she seems like a traveler, ask her about top favorite destinations she visited or destinations she would like to visit in the future.

    1. Talk to more people at the time

    Since you have a chance to talk to many girls at the time, you should use it. You won’t have feelings toward anyone at the beginning and you won’t compromise with anybody. That being said, you can explore the online dating world and improve your dating skills. When you get to know a few women better, it will be easier to decide which one you want to commit to.

    Maintaining a Long-Distance Relationship

    Long-distance relationships are built on trust, patience, mutual understanding, and strong bonds. If you feel all of this with someone, it is time to ask her out. Go slowly, take all the time you need to get to know one another well. AsiaMe gives you all the tools you need to enjoy your relationship even if you live miles away. Chat for long hours, call each other, talk on CamShare, send each other gifts and do everything you can to keep the relationship interesting.

    The ongoing Coronavirus crisis gives us all the time we need to explore online dating and build relationships on distance. Thus, you won’t feel any pressure from meeting your partner quickly or making some important decisions. When you finally get to be together physically, the connection between you and your partner will be extremely strong and everything you do together will mean even more than it means to “ordinary” couples that live together.  

    About AsiaMe.com

    AsiaMe.com is a reputable dating website that connects Asian singles with people from other continents. It offers a high-class user experience and innovative tools that make online dating easy and enjoyable. On AsiaMe.com, you can use the EMF Mail, Live Chat, CamShare, Gifts&Flowers among other advanced options.

    You can access AsiaMe.com from your computer and mobile device. If you prefer the mobile version, visit m.asiame.com. The app is also available on Google Play store. You can download the app and use it anytime, anywhere.