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  • Tuesday, June, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 01:49:27
  • In collaboration with Citizen Matters and BAF, ADDA is offering a learning session for apartment RWAs

    Bengaluru   . In a remarkable move, ADDA, a leading apartment management software company, is organizing a Learning Session on Builder to Apartment Association Handover. The session will highlight how associations can collaborate with the builder and manage the handover process. An array of activities, Q&A sessions, in-depth discussions about the process of building and handing over the project will be part of this. A first-of-its-kind handover meeting will be held on 25th June 2022 at Taj Vivanta Bengaluru, Residency road in Bangalore with insights from members of the governing council and experts in the industry (builders, legal heads).

    The event aims to promote awareness of ‘Builder to Association Handover’ and to better understand its complexities. The event is geared toward associations and housing societies that are undergoing or are about to undergo builder handover. Individual apartment owners taking possession of their new property frequently complain about issues such as late handover and defects within the apartment. However, building-level issues are even more complex and frequently ignored, ranging from major defects to incomplete construction, a lack of documentation, improper maintenance corpus handover, and so on. First-time MCs may be lacking in awareness, resources, or both. Issues resurface a few years later, requiring the Association to spend a large sum of money with no or minimal support from the builder.

    While expressing her excitement about the event, Ms. Aashika Sripathi, Co-founder & COO, ADDA, added, “We also aim to fix some of the common challenges encountered during the Builder handover during this event, in order to help the public understand how the Handover process works. We hope that this event will increase public awareness and familiarize them with the details of the handover procedure through four sessions presented by industry experts. Also we feel that these types of sessions are very useful for industry leaders as well as for the end users. In this event we will be discussing the landscape of handover management by exchanging useful information, thorough checklists, and how-tos.”

    ADDA intends to bring together like-minded people under one roof, unlocking phenomenal opportunities and going beyond the ordinary. In addition, there will be a panel discussion covering all aspects of the builder handover. Each panel discussion will delve deeply into pertinent topics such as operational aspects of takeover with the opinions of experts in customer service and members of the MC and legal and regulatory considerations during handover. Among the panelists are Rahul Raj, Iswar Dixena, Uday Simha Prakash, Gautham Kamat, Adv. Mithun Girahalli Law, Satish Mokhashi, Col. Narsimhan, and Hareesh Sivaraman, among others.


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