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  • Australia-wide movement Cool 2Be Conscious now aims to make its mark worldwide

    Published on November 10, 2022

    Ru Mackenzie and Ryan Hubbard, together with their team, support everyone and anyone to gain more consciousness, peace, harmony, freedom, and the life they desire.

    The more we discuss about people making an impact on others through their work, the more we feel the need to discuss about them. This is because these individuals and professionals always put the betterment of others first before their own personal goals. This very attitude and approach have what brought many of them to the forefront of their industries, turning them into true-blue professionals, experts, entrepreneurs, innovators, and much more, just like Ru Mackenzie and Ryan Hubbard have become today to change lives through entering the alternate health and well-being industry by launching Cool 2Be Conscious (C2BC), an Australia-wide movement, which now eyes to make its mark around the world.

    It has already been gradually expanding in the US and now plans to spread across different parts of the world to help people gain more consciousness, peace, harmony, freedom, and the life they desire. In early 2022, they collaborated with Gym shark and Lululemon. Then, it launched The C2BC Journal, which now has become an excellent tool for people worldwide to use that can’t come to their events in person. New locations in Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney were established by their licensees after their training, and recently their podcast has also been launched under The C2BC Podcast.

    They are truly elevating humankind’s consciousness, making the world more loving and compassionate. They teach simple and fun ways to gain a more abundant life. The team believes they are still a work in progress and learning something new daily. They believe it is a trust game. They pride themselves on innovation and constantly try new things to evolve and grow as a movement.

    In the upcoming years, C2BC aims to connect with leaders worldwide and go beyond what they already offer, like breathwork, meditation, and community. They are already expanding in other forms of wellness sessions as well, like fitness training, yoga, running clubs, and more. The facilitators that they will train will operate with the C2BC brand to build their sessions and community.

    Cool 2Be Conscious can be reached through Instagram @cool2beconscious.


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