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  • Author Kuldeep Jakhar gets nostalgic as he recalls a memory from his childhood about writing

    Published on January 24, 2023

    When your life’s purpose is clear, it becomes easy for you to transform your passion into a profession. Making a successful mark as an author, Kuldeep Jakhar is on cloud nine after launching his debut book ‘Fantasy Cricket Expert’ in December 2022. From a tender age, writing made him feel glad, and after many practice sessions, Jakhar made his foray as an author. Kuldeep has been a huge cricket fan, and he considers the sport an integral part of his life.

    As a cricket lover, Kuldeep first understood the rules of the sport after which he tried his luck in fantasy cricket games. At the onset of his career, Kuldeep Jakhar played fantasy cricket for domestic matches and then he got into IPL matches. In several instances, the author has topped the table on fantasy cricket platforms like Dream 11, Gamezy and BatBall11. His book is a guide to all those wanting to become professional fantasy cricket experts.

    When asked how he became an author, Kuldeep said, “I was inclined towards the art of writing since college. However, I felt that I write better about the subject of my knowledge. With cricket being my favourite sport, I wrote the book, and there has been no turning back for me since then.” Furthermore, Kuldeep stated that it was in the third grade that he wrote an essay about the importance of sports in day-to-day activities.

    “I learnt to write then. But I was not confident about my skills. While growing up, I understood my talent and learnt the process of writing. I believe that the profession is underrated, and at the same time writing allows us to express views through words”, added Kuldeep. In addition, the author loves to write thoughtful stories. While he considers writing therapeutic, the author feels calm whenever he writes.

    After the success of his first book, Jakhar has begun working on the second book. Besides his work as an author, he is set to go the extra mile by following the footsteps of content creators. Kuldeep has a YouTube channel with more than 160K subscribers, and he aims to start creating content about the game of cricket. “Currently, I am learning the basics of social media. I want to create videos, share my thoughts and make people understand how to play fantasy cricket games smartly”, concluded Jakhar.


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