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AutoForSure will move onto digital payments, says Founder Sarthak Sharma

The lockdown has influenced almost every other business. Except for daily essentials like grocery, food items, and medicines, every other business appeared to swayed considerably. One of the badly seized regions was the travel business. However, Sarthak Sharma and Kushagra Kumar found one action AutoForSure, the private travel, and transport business which was coming out with this financial turmoil and getting the suburbanites close to them. Two bright engineering students began the platform – Sarthak Sharma and Kushagra Kumar applauding from a prestigious Indian college.

Sarthak Sharma and Kushagra Kumar’s ambitions AutoForSure tries to change the transport and travel industry. Besides paying due consideration to women rider safety, AutoForSure also plans to generate work for the unemployed drivers affected by the COVID-19. Sarthak Sharma and Kushagra Kumar; one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India. They are the creator of the online platform, AutoForSure. Thousands of students use the online platform, AutoForSure. Users of AutoForSure saves a ton of time and daily hassle in finding a nearby ride.

Sarthak Sharma says, “The principal of AutoForSure platform is to find users nearby auto-rickshaws and taxi for daily hassle-free rides. AutoForSure will accept digital payments and minimize the cash handling during the COVID-19 moreover safety of our passenger’s will be one of the priority.”

The duo, Sarthak and Kushagra worked through the lockdown to outline the platform and operated on it to rope in auto-rickshaws and taxis drivers with their policies. They intend to enrol all the local drivers providing employment and better opportunities to them, and plan on expanding AutoForSure to all the metropolitan cities by the end of 2022. In 2021, the online platform AutoForSure will also observe several changes in combining diverse highlights. Aside from giving all due consequence to women passenger safety, the pair means to add something more. They want to create engagement for the unemployed drivers who were critically affected by the pandemic situation. It is one of the exciting actions by the duo engineering student, and it is likely to prosper in the coming future.

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