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  • Awesome Sale Program: An initiative to end businesses’ sale woes and give high paying jobs to freshers

    Published on September 17, 2021

    New Delhi : Gaurav Bhagat, a world-renowned sales trainer and problem solver’s new initiative called Awesome Sales Program (ASP) will help two sets of people that need it the most. It will put the businesses’ pain of not being able to find well-trained salespeople to an end and by training recently graduated students to make them market-ready. He will do this by personally carving amateur and fresher job seekers into enthusiastic salespeople with a vision, dedication under ASP.

    Complacent staff and lack of well-trained salespeople is a dire challenge businesses all over the world have to overcome. To end Indian businesses’ woes, Gaurav is driven to create eager, hungry to grow salespeople instilled with the right attitude and skill set.

    Awesome Sales Program is a holistic set-up primed to help business owners struggling will complacent salespeople by turning recently graduated job seekers into red-hot talented prospects companies will sweep off the shelves.

    Gaurav Bhagat, the founder of Gaurav Bhagat Academy, talking about the Awesome Sales The program, said, “In countless interactions with corporates during different kinds of collaboration, we pinpointed that they all shared the same challenge. It is a lack of vision and desire to grow in salespeople.

    That’s where the idea of ASP started to brew. I observed a gap in businesses, they all lacked awesome salespeople so badly. I wanted it to fill it for them. But what I am particularly excited about is helping the recently graduated kids. The market is dreary, the new joiners suffer the most in such times. My heart goes out to them, I have been there.”

    “So I decided to give out 10 modules of exclusive training to a batch of 50 participants. By the end of these sessions, they will be turned into awesome sought-after salespersons with vision. We will also provide them employment opportunities in the country’s best firms.” He added.

    The candidates will be handpicked by Gaurav Bhagat based on a test evaluation and multiple rounds of interviews. The batch will then be trained at Gaurav Bhagat Academy to achieve excellence.


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