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Axis P33 fixed dome camera

AXIS P33 fixed dome camera series incorporates Axis’ latest technology to achieve outstanding image quality and video analytics performance. The light sensitivity of these cameras is exceptional, obtained with Lightfinder technology allowing the cameras to “see” colors even in very dark conditions. Two of the new models integrate IR illumination featuring new LED technology that is highly power-efficient and minimizes heat dissipation. Adjustable in angle of illumination and intensity, the integrated IR solution offers easy-to-install illumination, optimized for the scene. This results in high-quality, low-noise video in completely dark areas. The new offering includes indoor models, streamlined for cost-efficiency, as well as indoor and outdoor models that offer features such as vandal resistance, audio and I/O ports.


·         SVGA or HDTV 720p/1.3MP resolution based on a new, top-quality 1/3” image sensor

·         Two varifocal lens options are available, with P-Iris control that precisely controls the iris for crisp and sharp images

·         Wide-angle models offer an angle of view of more than 100 degrees for broader scene coverage

·         Quick and easy installation capabilities such as remote zoom and the pixel counter, ensuring that the viewing angle is optimized for the monitored area and required pixel resolution

·         IR models incorporate new, long-life LED technology that is highly power-efficient and minimizes heat dissipation

·         Uses environmental-friendly Power over Ethernet even for the weatherproof models that operate in extreme temperatures, only one network cable is required to carry both power and data.

MRP: The suggested retail price for AXIS P33 Network Cameras is from US $ 599 to $ 1059

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