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Babies and Us Fertility IVF & ICSI Centre, Mumbai, emphasizes Frozen Embryo Transfer for a stress-free and successful fertility experience

Today, childless couples seek advanced fertility treatments to become parents, such as frozen embryo transfer and attempt to become parents. Frozen embryo transfer (FET) is a procedure that uses preserved embryos and transfers them in a thawed state into the uterus.

Dr Hrishikesh Pai of Babies and Us Fertility IVF & ICSI Centre, Mumbai, states that frozen embryo transfer is a very affordable and reliable way to attempt conception before starting afresh with a new IVF cycle. We have had great success with FET on many of our clients. We recommend FET as it prevents the need for a fresh IVF cycle, which is an expensive affair. Moreover, the FET procedure does not require artificial insemination, egg retrieval, and embryo culture, making it more affordable and cost-effective.

Most gynaecologists recommend that IVF couples go ahead with frozen embryo transfer in case they have additional embryos that can be preserved for future use. The unused embryos can be cryopreserved. The couple can choose to use them in case of failure of the current IVF cycle and the need to perform a preimplantation genetic test for certain genetic disorders or defects detected in the embryos.

Suppose a couple would like to go for a fresh IVF cycle to expand their family after some years. And at that juncture, the early procedures of an IVF process need not be repeated as using frozen embryos saves a great deal of time, effort and resources.

The other benefits are that the FET procedure can be performed at the patient’s convenience, and if required, they can opt for PGT. Also, it provides a normal uterine condition for conception, while it is less expensive than a fresh IVF cycle. Most patients agree that the frozen embryo transfer procedure is less demanding and stressful.

Along with the benefits, there are certain risks of frozen embryo transfer, including ectopic pregnancy, infection, and multiple pregnancies, while thawing can damage the embryo.

Dr Hrishikesh Pai asserts that the survival rate of cryopreserved embryos is nearly 97% of the thawed embryos will be suitable for transfer.   Also, a blastocyst transfer procedure is likely more effective than the transfer of a developed embryo after five days of growth.

Frozen embryo transfer has led to increased pregnancy and live birth rates, healthy babies at birth with far less risk of miscarriages. Also, children conceived through FET are healthier and known to complete the entire pregnancy term.

On a fixed date, the embryologists will thaw the embryo. The transfer procedure is scheduled a couple of hours later as they need to observe the embryo development and prepare the embryo for a uterine transfer, including removing the cryopreserved media.

About Babies and Us Fertility IVF & ICSI Centre

Babies & Us is one of the most reliable and best IVF centres in Mumbai for frozen embryo transfer. The clinic houses an advanced IVF laboratory with the latest equipment and technology.

The clinic has recorded more than 60% success in its frozen embryo transfer procedures. And as mentioned earlier, the chances of success in frozen embryo transfer are much higher than that of IVF treatment.

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