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  • Bail Bondsman Companies: Five Rights Jail Inmates Have

    Published on May 5, 2020

    When someone you love or near to you is in jail, it is essential to learn about his or her rights in the prison. That is because the law cannot deny the basic human rights of a person incarcerated even if arrested for a crime.

    According to an article published on https://www.forbes.com, the Trump government has now agreed on prison reforms that could mean the term of imprisonment reduced through participation in specific programs. One right is hiring a bail bondsman for the quick release from jail. Your bail bonds company will help the defendant get out of prison, no doubt, but it still matters to know your rights.

    1. No discrimination

    When you or your loved one is arrested, he or she has the right to equal treatment within the confines of the prison walls. There should be no discrimination on grounds of religion, age, ethnicity, age, or financial status. If any discrimination noticed, the court would order an investigation to figure out whether it is illegal or not.

    1. Right to physical and mental health care

    The jail inmates have the right to medical care if they have physical pain or plagued with some illness. They can opt for reasonable treatment even if it is not a wide-ranging one. If your loved one is in jail and needs some mental care, he or she has the right to go for it too.

    When the defendant files for emotional or psychological harm or injury during his stay in prison, he needs to prove that he had endured emotional or physical pain. Concerning a defendant’s rights to apply for bail for release, he or she must consult with a bondsman from Castle bail bonds Washington County.

    1. No harassment

    The inmates have the right not to be harassed by other prisoners or the jail staff. When an inmate reports he or she has been harassed by other prisoners or the staff, who allowed the misconduct without taking any action, it is a grave situation and could lead to penalties for the perpetrators of the misdemeanors as well as the jail staff.

    1. The right to hire a bail bondsman

    When your loved one is behind the bars, he has the right to post bail and look for a bondsman for his quick release. Then, he cannot ask for information from the other inmates within the jail to recommend a bail bonds company. The defendant’s family or friends can look for a reliable bondsman and ensure his or her release. Once the fee is paid, your family member or friend can get out of jail.

    1. Right to speak against jail conditions

    When a defendant notices that the prison conditions are unhealthy, unsafe, and unhygienic, he or she has the right to report to the jail officials as well as the court. However, before the defendant files a complaint, he or she should try to settle the matter with the prison staff for a quick resolution.


    An inmate’s rights matter and if you have your loved one in jail, look for a professional bail bondsman to help the defendant get out of prison as soon as possible.