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  • Wednesday, February, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:59:12
  • by Sachin Murdeshwar

    KORBA: Amid the escalating pandemic scenario in the country, Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (BALCO) proves its resilience through exemplary commitment shown by employees and families towards strict adherence state and central COVID-19 guidelines, in operations and township.
    Mr. Abhijit Pati, CEO & Director, BALCO, shares, “At BALCO, we have undertaken all required precautionary measures to keep our employees, families and business partners safe in light of the evolving situation in the state and country. Besides ensuring strict compliance of the guidelines in our operations and township, we have intensified awareness around COVID-19 to keep the BALCO family informed and alert.” Mr. Pati has appealed to employees to take all precautions to safeguard themselves and their families, while they continue to work dedicatedly to further the company’s global aspirations and contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.
    Mr. Manoj Ramaiya, Manager – Pot Room Operations, BALCO, said: “All the employees & associate partners are following the guidelines of prevention against COVID-19. All the public places and residential township are being sanitized. The body temperature of the entire workforce is being checked at the plant’s entry & exit gates. Social distancing is being encouraged and followed by all who visit the plant. Sanitizer and liquid handwash have been arranged at various locations.”
    Mr. Surajmal Das, from M/S ISS , BALCO’s hospitality partner, says that the awareness campaign conducted by the company to drive sensitization against COVID-19 was informative, useful and praiseworthy. Mr. Das firmly believes that the various measures undertaken by BALCO over the past few months will immensely help the employees and families, partners and peripheral communities in Korba, in the fight against the pandemic.
    • BALCO has advised its employees and business partners to avail own transportation, avoiding use of public transport and carpooling. Parallelly, strict social distancing, usage of masks and hygiene guidelines are being ensured for employees availing company provided transportation.
    • Biometric attendance systems have been discontinued.
    • Common areas and other frequented places like entry/exit gates have been demarcated as per social distance protocols.
    • Thermal screening and wearing of masks have been made mandatory for anyone stepping into operational premises.
    • Employees travelling from outstation undergo compulsory 14 days home quarantine, prior to resuming their duties.
    • Frequent sanitization and disinfection of all offices, assets, equipment and public places inside the plant.
    • Huge quantities of sanitizers have been made available for employees.
    • Employees are being regularly sensitized to adopt good hygiene practices to keep themselves safe.
    • Mealtimes have been staggered and social distancing is being strict monitored. Hygiene levels of canteen halls, kitchen space, equipment, etc. is being strictly ensured.
    • While going home, employees have been advised to be careful and refrain from having physical contact with family members till they have disinfected themselves.
    • Employees are being advised to adopt good nutrition practices, like eating healthy foods, refrain from eating outside, etc.
    • In case employees or family members are feeling under the weather, they have been advised to seek medical consultation while keeping themselves isolated from others.


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