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  • Sunday, September, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 07:10:09
  • Dr. Vedapratap Vaidik

    There has been a war of words between the ruling and opposition leaders of Pakistan about whether Pakistan will be disintegrated into three. Imran Khan said in an interview that if the Army does not take precautions, then Pakistan can be divided into three separate parts. He was suggesting that Shahbaz Sharif was  not a competent Prime Minister.  Inflation, hunger and poverty are on the rise in the country. Why is Pakistan’s Army silent when the country is in deep distress?  

    The Army had pushed out Imran Khan from power and he is pleading with the same force to salvage Pakistan from the current mess. On Imran’s statement, former President Asif Zardari accused the former prime minister of speaking the language of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

     Shahbaz Sharif is currently in Turkey. He charges that Imran has been misleading the world saying the situation in Pakistan was similar to that of Syria and Afghanistan. Imran has also said that Pakistan’s treasury was empty.

     If the Army turns weak then the nation’s all powerful nuclear arsenals will become redundant. In such a situation there are possibilities for both America and India manipulating to balkanize Pakistan, he postulates.   Imran Khan  has to win the next election at any cost. To achieve this goal, it is necessary  for him to  accuse America and India.

    In fact, the speculation is not of trifurcation of Pakistan. There has been a growing demand for years to break the country into four separate parts

    When the government at the centre becomes vulnerable the demand for balkanization starts echoing. These are the four parts – Pakhtunistan, Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab. Punjab is politically powerful, prosperous, and has considerable influence in governance. I have met the separatist leaders of these provinces several times in Pakistan. Many Pathans, Baloch and Sindhi leaders have come to Delhi to meet me.

    I always expressed my sympathy to them against the injustice and atrocities done to them, but I have also cautioned that breaking up Pakistan into three or four pieces is neither beneficial for them nor for India.  Right now India has to deal with only one Pakistan.  In the event of our neighbor splitting into four we will have to confront four different Pakistan.  Not just that there is a possibility, India will also be affected by the likely conflicts and quarrels between the newly created entities.  India may also face issues in its route to Central Asia and Europe.

    Apart from this, the economic conditions of all these small countries are bound to dwindle and ultimately India will be compelled to handle the situation. Apart from this, Pakistan itself will become a weak and fragile country. India always wants all its neighboring nations to be prosperous and safe. We are not for the balkanization of any nation. Let unity and tranquility prevail among all nations.  Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah(May everyone be happy)!

    *Dr. Vaidik is a widely travelled scholar-journalist. He has visited more than 80 countries on diplomatic and educationalmissions. Dr. Vaidik has won more than a dozen National and International awards for academic and journalistic excellence. He has been a member of several Advisory Committees of Government of India.


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