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  • Banarasi and Bengali Taant top maximum online searches for sarees in India: JD Mart Consumer Insights

    Published on December 9, 2021

    – Chiffon, Chanderi, Khadi, Georgette, Printed, Linen, Tussar, and Chettinad made it to the top-10 list of most searched sarees

    Mumbai : Indian women continued their love affair with Banarasi and Bengal’s Taant sarees as the two most popular categories dominated almost 40% of the demand on JD Mart, India’s latest B2B marketplace by Just Dial.

    Besides Banarasi and Bengal’s Taant sarees, Chiffon, Chanderi, Khadi, Georgette, Printed, Linen, Tussar, and Chettinad made it to the top-10 list of most searched sarees on JD Mart. The next most searched categories included Art, Crepe, Jamdani, Fancy, Sungudi, Mulmul, Lucknow Chikankari, South Silk, and Italian Crepe Sarees. Demand for Banarsi sarees dominated almost 25% of the searches pan-India with Tier-II cities generating more demand vis-à-vis Tier-I. Demand in Tier-II cities stood at 40% while in Tier-I it was 26%.

    Most of the demand in Tier-I cities came in from Mumbai as the country’s fashion capital contributed 45% of the searches for Banarsi sarees. Kolkata (15%) and Delhi (10%) contributed to almost 25% of the searches from Tier-I cities followed by Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, and Ahmedabad. Varanasi, the home of Banarsi sarees, generated almost 57% of the demand that was generated from Tier-II cities

    Speaking on this trend, Prasun Kumar, CMO, Just Dial, said, “The economic recovery at large, festivities and the wedding season have augmented the demand for sarees. The rising demand for sarees on our B2B platform JD Mart is a great indicator that business is bouncing back for wholesalers and retailers alike fuelling overall economic momentum in the apparel sector. The strong growth curve across Tier I and Tier II cities alike further validates how fashion consciousness is spread in a more uniform manner across India and that indeed is an encouraging trend.”

    Searches for West Bengal’s famous Taant sarees grabbed 16% of the total demand pie on JD Mart. Demand from Tier-I cities stood at 26% while in Tier-II cities, it was 11%. Mumbai (51%) again topped the list of Tier-I cities generating half of the demand followed by Kolkata (17%), Delhi (14%), Hyderabad (5%), and Bangalore (5%). Among Tier-I, Patna, Vadodara, and Indore were the top-3 cities that generated maximum demand.

    Demand for Chiffon Sarees contributed to 9% of the overall demand on the platform. For Tier-I cities, the demand stood at 10% while Tier-II demand remained at 12%. Mumbai again topped the list generating maximum demand among Tier-I cities followed by Kolkata (19%), Delhi (18%), Bangalore (10%), and Ahmedabad (7%). Jaipur (17%), Surat (15%), and Ahmedabad (8%) were the top-3 Tier-II cities generating maximum searches.

    For Chanderi, more than 80% of the demand came in from Tier-I cities such as Mumbai (43%) and Hyderabad (24%), and Pune (14%). Three key cities of Madhya Pradesh, which is the home state of Chanderi silk, Indore (14%), Bhopal (11%), and Gwalior (9%) topped the Tier-II cities’ list with maximum demand for the category.

    For Khadi sarees, Mumbai (62%) and Delhi (12%) dominated almost 75% of the searches that happened across Tier-I cities. Among Tier-II cities, Patna, Thiruvananthapuram, and Mysore were the top-3 that saw Khadi sarees in great demand.

    Mumbai (51%), Delhi (13%), Hyderabad (13%), and Bangalore (10%) generated almost 90% of the demand for Georgette sarees from Tier-I cities while Surat (19%) topped with maximum demand among Tier-II cities.

    For Printed sarees, Kolkata topped the list among Tier-I cities with maximum demand at 45% followed by Hyderabad (19%), Delhi (11%) and Mumbai (10%). Among Tier-II cities, Jaipur, Surat, and Rajkot were the top-3 cities with maximum demand for Printed sarees.

    Linen sarees saw maximum demand from Bangalore (17%), Kolkata (17%) and Chennai (17%) followed by Mumbai (15%) and Hyderabad (14%) that made up the top-5 Tier-I cities with maximum demand. Tamil Nadu’s Erode (26%) contributed to almost 1/3rd of the demand generated from Tier-II cities while Surat (10%) and Coimbatore (7%) completed the top-3 with most searches.

    Demand for Tussar sarees remained significantly high in the cities of Kolkata (46%) and Bangalore (30%) as the they contributed to almost 2/3rd of the demand that is being generated from Tier-I cities. Among Tier-II cities, Ranchi, which is the hub of R&D for Tussar, Surat along with Patna emerged as the leading3 cities with maximum demand.

    With Tamil Nadu being the hub of Chettinad sarees in India, Chennai (72%) topped the list generating maximum demand among Tier-I cities followed by Hyderabad (14%) in the second place. The three Tamil Nadu cities of Coimbatore (47%), Madurai (12%), Erode (11%), and Salem (9%) contributed to almost 80% of the demand that is being generated from Tier-II cities.


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