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Bandicoot Robot Introduced in New Town Kolkata Development Authority, Revolutionizing Sewer Cleaning in West Bengal

 Genrobotics, the leading Indian robotics company, announced the launch of its revolutionary Bandicoot robot in Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal. This marks a significant milestone for the company, as Kolkata, being one of the largest metropolitan cities in India, will now utilize the Bandicoot robot for sewer cleaning and maintenance purposes.

The Bandicoot robot is an innovative, remotely-operated robot specifically designed to perform sewer cleaning and maintenance tasks, eliminating the need for human workers to enter hazardous and cramped sewer pipes. With its advanced bucket system, the Bandicoot robot efficiently cleans manholes in a short amount of time without requiring any human intervention.

“We aim to bring about a ground-breaking transformation across West Bengal with the implementation of Bandicoot in NKDA. Through our ‘robohole’ initiative, we seek to deploy more Bandicoot robots across Kolkata to enhance the capabilities of our sanitation workers and provide a time-efficient solution,” said Shri Debashish Sen, the esteemed Chairman of NKDA.

By introducing the Bandicoot robot, West Bengal becomes the 19th Indian state to utilize this innovative technology, joining other progressive states such as Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra. The launch of the Bandicoot robot in New Town Kolkata Development Authority is a significant milestone for Genrobotics, which has been at the forefront of developing innovative and sustainable solutions for India’s infrastructure challenges.

Speaking at the launch event, Arun George, Director of Genrobotics, expressed his pride in bringing the Bandicoot robot to Kolkata and contributing to the city’s efforts to modernize its sewer infrastructure. The Bandicoot robot is a game-changer in the field of sewer cleaning and maintenance, and we are confident that it will help improve the health and safety of sanitation workers while protecting the environment.

The introduction of the Bandicoot robot in Kolkata is expected to have a significant impact on the city’s infrastructure and sanitation services, as it can perform tasks more efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively compared to traditional methods. The Bandicoot robot is part of Genrobotics’ commitment to creating innovative and sustainable solutions that can transform India’s infrastructure landscape. Currently, Bandicoot robots are deployed in 18 states of India and 3 Union Territories, effectively transforming the sanitation ecosystems.

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