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  • Wednesday, April, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 05:51:48
  • “Instead of trying to build a brick wall, lay a brick every day. Eventually you’ll look up and you’ll have brick wall.” Nipsey Hussle. The rap industry is evolving every day, the styles and flows in rap are ever-changing but all though many rappers come and go there are a few that remain in leave an eternal mark. Meet California’s hot new rapper, Bandzo3rd who dropped his latest single ‘Yaar Koi Nai’ in 2020.

    Bandzo3rd was born in Karachi, Pakistan. He later migrated to California, USA at the age of 12. At that very age he began developing his interest in rap and started writing music. Bandzo3rd was influenced by a lot of rappers but a there are a few that left a lasting impact on him and they were who he truly admired, a few of them are Juice  Wrld,  YG, Lil Durk,  Nipsey Hussle,  Bohemia, YNW Melly, chief keef, 03 Greedo. The single ‘Yaar Koi Nai’ which means ‘Let it go bro’ is filled with a cluster of experiences that has altered his perception of life. He talks about a dark chapter in his life that was full of challenging experiences through which only his mother and inner circle stood by him boosting his morale and encouraging him to push past all the pain and work hard toward his goal. Although he had a rough childhood, he always was ambitious and strived for a better life for his mother and himself. His major challenge was turning his life round which meant changing his surrounding and his thought process, so he began lying brick after brick and that has now become a wall. Enduring through hi trials and struggles he overcame his obstacles and outshined many others in the industry. His new single is infused with a completely new flow which he has created and when he was asked about the inspiration for the new flow he said “My inspiration came from the way the language Urdu went so perfectly with the flow of my new song. When I synced the lyrics with the flow it sounded like something I had never heard before. With this record I gave birth to a new type of flow in the desi industry.”

    Bandzo3rd believes that to become the GOAT in rap, creating quality music over quantity, consistency and dedication is what makes you a successful artist over time. He also encourages others to be authentic, real and raw in their lives and bring about positive change in what they do.


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