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  • Monday, January, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:21:20
  • With a rapid increase in suspected COVID-19 cases across India, Home Quarantine Tracking Systems (HQTS) have become a critical need. A Bangalore based company, Vijña Labs, has developed a novel and fool-proof Artificial Intelligence based technology for real-time home quarantine monitoring using a selfie-based face recognition and geo location tracking mobile app. The Maharashtra police have successfully started using this app to track individuals under quarantine.

    According to Dr. Murali Kota, CTO of The Manipal Group and Co-Founder of Vijña Labs, this tracking system enables an individual to register themselves with their name, phone number, selfie and other relevant information. The individual then uploads their registration details using the app, following which a verification is made against the existing master list of quarantined individuals. Once registration details are verified, the app is automatically activated for an individual to upload their quarantine attendance in the form of a selfie along with location tagging. This information is then sent to a private cloud based AI server, which analyses the face and geo location information in real-time against the registered individual’s information. When the face and location data match against the database records, an affirmative quarantine attendance record is made into a live dashboard. If the face or location data do not match against the database records, a real-time alert is triggered for the authorities to take appropriate action for non-compliance of home quarantine rules. The frequency of such an authentication and tracking mechanism can be tuned as per the client requirement.

    According to Gautham Pai, Promoter of Vijna Labs, this is the most advanced app available in India today for home quarantine tracking. We have put together the latest technology in most user friendly manner. The Pune police, have found this app most effective and are using it efficiently to track home quarantined individuals.

    This app is simple to use and will be a boon to all the state governments in their efforts to contain the spread of corona  virus and ensure India comes out of this severe pandemic with least casualties.