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  • Bangladesh: Chinese workers test Corona positive at Khulna Power Plant, locals apprehensive

    Published on May 21, 2021

    A large number of Chinese workers at the Khulna power plant in Bangladesh have been infected with Coronavirus. Among the Chinese persons working at the power plant 85 people were found to be Corona positive out of which 19 proved negative later on.

    The local people are apprehensive that the COVID 19 infection may spread as the Chinese workers are engaging in regular activities which could lead to spread of the disease in the nearby areas, reports the local media.The locals say that the Chinese workers are not complying with the requirement for quarantine. They move freely in the market for shopping, reports the local media. However, the plant authorities said that they are under quarantine and denied that they are interacting with the public. Only non-infected people are going out.

    The Khulna Deputy Commissioner told media that the administration is aware of the matter and a magistrate has been assigned the task to ensure that home quarantine requirement is followed by the Chinese.

    The 330 MW Khulna power plant is located in the Khalishpur area of the district. Its construction began in 2018. Currently, around close to 200 Chinese and 500 Bangladeshis are working on this project. 


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