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  • Bank of Maharashtra Offers Instant Banking Solutions via WhatsApp Banking Services

    Published on April 15, 2024

    Managing finances often feels like a juggling act. Between work schedules, errands, and personal commitments, finding the time to visit a bank branch and successfully complete your task can be a challenge as you have to complete the work within the branch timings. This can lead to frustration and delays, especially when you need quick access to account information or basic banking services. Recognizing this common pain point, Bank of Maharashtra is making it easier for customers to interact with their finances by offering a user-friendly solution called WhatsApp Banking. This innovative platform leverages the power of a widely used messaging app to provide secure and convenient banking.           

    Understanding the Shift: Banking at Your Fingertips

    WhatsApp Banking by Bank of Maharashtra is an evolution in banking services meeting to the modern customer’s lifestyle demands. Customers now look beyond traditional banking avenues, seeking services that fit seamlessly into their digitally-driven lives.   

    Activation: Your Banking Services a “Hi” Away

    To engage with WhatsApp Banking, customers need to save Bank of Maharashtra’s WhatsApp number ‘7066036640’ in their contact list and send a greeting message. Instantly, the Bank’s system recognizes the customer through the registered mobile number, providing a menu of options for banking operations right on their screens. Additionally, there are no fees associated with this service.                      

    Services Beyond Time and Location Boundaries

    The essence of WhatsApp Banking lies in its 24×7 availability, allowing customers to manage their finances without the constraints of bank working hours or locations. With security as a cornerstone, the service ensures end-to-end encryption, safeguarding communication between the bank and its customers.

    Comprehensive Banking Services Over a Chat

    The bank offers a multitude of services through WhatsApp to cater to the various needs of its customers:

    Account Information: Customers can check their account balance and receive a mini-statement, providing recent transaction details, and enhancing the ease of financial tracking.

    Banking Assistance: For those requiring additional banking support, assistance in locating the nearest ATM or Bank branches is available. This service extends to facilitating chequebook requests and monitoring their status.

    Card Management: The WhatsApp banking service also includes options to hot-list or warm-list cards in case you have lost your card or not able to locate it.

    Insurance Services: Provision for availing insurance services, adding another layer to ensuring customer experience.

    More Than Just Customers: Expanding Financial Services  
    Interestingly, Bank of Maharashtra’s WhatsApp banking is not limited to its current customer base. Prospective customers can also engage with the service to inquire about opening an account or find details about the bank’s network and services.

    Bank of Maharashtra’s WhatsApp Banking is a testament to the Bank’s commitment to embracing digital transformation, making banking convenient, secure, and accessible for everyone. By integrating banking services into a platform as widely used as WhatsApp, the Bank is not just offering convenience; it’s reshaping the customer banking experience.

    For those interested in experiencing the future of banking, details are available on the official Bank of Maharashtra website.


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