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  • Be kind to your mind – Hindustan Zinc’s film on World Mental Health Day spreads an intriguing message on mental wellbeing

    Published on October 11, 2021

    –          The company reiterates its commitment to #HZLCares, emphasizing on the importance of the mental health & wellness of people

    –          The film is an effort to promote viewers to make mental health a priority

     Mental health is not just a buzzword but an important aspect of the personal and professional life of every human. With the COVID-19 pandemic intertwining this personal and professional life of so many people across the globe, it has become even more important to understand and educate the society on this social issue. India’s largest zinc-lead miner, Hindustan Zinc, re-emphasizes the importance of mental health and well-being through a heart-warming video that sends a very positive message – to make mental health a priority. At Hindustan Zinc, employees have always been considered their most valuable asset, and the company has worked tirelessly to ensure their physical and mental health by creating a healthy work culture and employee friendly policies

    Mental health remains to be among the neglected areas of public health in India, owing to social stigma and a lack of awareness. According to a study by Indian Council or Medical Research (ICMR), one in every seven persons in India suffers from mental health problems. The film highlights this by saying that empathy and being kind to others can go a long way in dealing with this issue. The visuals are filled with beautiful big smiles and kind thoughts which encourage viewers to prioritise mental health and to be compassionate to themselves and those around them. The World Mental Health Day gives us all an opportunity to talk openly about mental health issues with friends, co-workers, and family, and to work towards making mental health in life.

    The initiative “Be Kind to Your Mind” by Hindustan Zinc aims to encourage active interaction and conversation amongst viewers in order to decrease the taboo associated with mental health. The video is a collective effort of employees of Hindustan Zinc, who voluntarily came forward to be a part of this intriguing project.  


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