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  • ‘Beautiful One’ Campaign by 1MG Lido Mall: Inspiring Women to Support other Women

    Published on February 22, 2019

    Bengaluru: 1MG Lido Mall, the downtown shopping & dining destination, launches ‘Beautiful One’ campaign marking celebrations for the International Women’s Day. The campaign focuses on both ‘inner beauty’ and ‘outer beauty’ of modern women to showcase friendship and sisterhood. 1MG Lido Mall invites women from across the country to share their empowering stories using #onesheforshe on social media handles. The campaign also includes ‘Joy-AA-Thon’ as the mega event to be held on 8th March 2019 – the International Women’s Day with an aim to inspire women to stand up for one another and be one another’s strength at all times.

    The idea behind the campaign is to break the stereotypical gender-based approach and begin a Solidarity Movement for Women. ‘Beautiful One’ aims to encourage women to strengthen their inner-self and motivate one-another to empower them in a true sense. 1MG Lido Mall endeavors to show the strength and power that women can acquire if one ‘She’ supports other ‘She’.

    Today, instead of talking about ‘Gender Equality’ and ‘Anti-Discrimination Laws’, Women must empower themselves through POSITIVITY and SUPPORT for one another. The campaign urges women to share their empowering stories on social media with #onesheforshe and take active participation in the nation-wide campaign to motivate the other ‘She’.Inspiring anecdotes from one ‘She’ will instill new energy and give ultimate strength to millions of other ‘She’, which she really need to carve their bright future.

    ‘Beautiful One’ will also start the second phase of the campaign focused on ‘Outer Beauty’ when beauty brands including Clinique, Kama Ayurveda, Estee Lauder, MAC, Forest essential, The Body Shopwill give free beauty sessions& makeover sessions to women walking in the Mall from1st March to 8thMarch 2019.

    ‘Beautiful One’ campaign will conclude with ‘Joy-AA-Thon’ as the mega event to be held on 8th March 2019 celebrating the International Women’s Day. The ‘Walk and Talk’ is aimed to bring all women together and create a strong network, where ‘She’ stands for other ‘She’ inspiring, motivating, and inviting millions of other ‘She’ to join them and make it a global solidarity movement. The event will include more than 500 women participants including influencers, corporate leaders, working professionals, housewives, and students. The women pride walk – ‘Joy-AA-Thon’,organized in collaboration with Sulthan – Diamonds&Gold Jewelleryshowcasing women solidarity will begin from the Mall at 4:30 PM on 8th March and conclude back at the mall. The women participants in ‘Joy-AA-Thon’ will also receive gift vouchers and goodies from 1MG Lido Mall.

    Excited with the 25 days long event including ‘Joy-AA-Thon’, Ms. Bhanu PraveenMarketing Manager, 1MG Lido Mall says, “With all women as the brand ambassador for our ‘Beautiful One’ campaign, we are focusing on women supporting other women. For centuries, women have raised concerns about gender biases and male chauvinism, but the real solution lies in strengthening the foundation of women as an inclusive sisterhood, where all SHE can succeed by supporting and getting support from other SHE. Once ‘She’ finds Sisterhood, there is nothing stronger. ”

    “We are confident that positive and empowering stories shared on social media with #onesheforshe will bring women together and our efforts will bring a new dawn in the lives of millions of Indian women. This year, we look forward to celebrating International Women’s Day with complete women consolidation. The mega event ‘Joy-AA-Thon’ will commemorate our success, where ‘She’ from all segments will come forth and showcase their strength and support for one another in unison.” adds Ms. Bhanu Praveen.


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