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  • Beauty and brains together- Divya Khanduja

    Published on July 19, 2022

    The world around us is seeing a boom in the importance given to jobs arising from arts degrees and other vocational activities. This is not because people are reducing the importance given to science subjects but because they are finally realising that other professions deserve appreciation and respect as well. However not every country can move ahead like this. Today we are introducing Divya Khanduja born on the 14th of July 1998, hailing from the capital city of Delhi, India. When she started practising permanent makeup artistry Divya Khanduja was just 19 and today, she is one of the top celebrity makeup artists and entrepreneurs in the Indian subcontinent.

    In India, the practice of being a permanent makeup artist is not one that many are initiated. Just like other branches of makeup it is often a profession that people consider to be only for women and thus, not effective in terms of monetary value. However, Divya Khanduja is here to prove that wrong. Her skills are on a level which is difficult to ignore and instead is worth being awarded. It is because of this reason that Divya Khanduja has won the award as the number one permanent makeup expert in India presented by Noora Fatehi. This is truly a prestigious matter as not many people get the chance to meet Noora Fatehi much less accept an award from her. However, it is once again Divya Khanduja’s skills as a professional and her ability to keep a straight face that helped her take the award.

    The stigma of being a makeup artist has carried over into the approach used by Divya Khanduja’s relatives when they hear about her line of work. She says that most people consider the makeup industry to be a vocational activity rather than a professional one. There are not many opportunities in the job market and it is mostly an activity pursued by those who are unable to study any further. Divya Khanduja’s own family thought like this as well but the young woman had put her foot down when she turned of age and did what her heart wanted irrespective of what others said. She completed her education in Serbia, Austria at the age of 19 and then travelled to Dubai to get hands-on experience in her line of work.

    In the future, Divya Khanduja wants to represent her home country of India in the global competition for being best permanent makeup expert. Yet a goal even more important than that is to destigmatize being a makeup artist in the Indian community. Divya Khanduja is moving towards her goal with every decision she makes in the present. You can support her on this journey by checking out her social media platforms available.


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