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  • Bed Time Stories Not Enough? Pick up Some Fun Bedsheet for Your Little One – Here’s How

    Published on April 27, 2022

    Kids spend hours playing, learning, and running around. After a day of activity, they need a good night’s sleep to rejuvenate their body and mind. Studies show how important good sleep is for kids. Children who regularly get enough sleep are seen to have better physical and mental health, behaviour, attention span, memory, and cognitive abilities. They also maintain healthy weight, fall sick less often, feel less anxious, and do better at school.

    Does your little one fuss when asked to go to bed? Kids often need something more exciting to get them to curl up into bed. They need something to trigger their imagination while you narrate those bedtime stories. So, consider building a setting that feeds their curiosity and creates a sense of belonging. A good way is to choose fun bedsheets for kids. Here are some useful tips to do that.

    Tips to Pick Up Fun Bedsheets for Your Little One

    Pick a Bedsheet in Their Favourite Colour

    The best colours for kids’ bedsheets are blue, green, light yellow, silver, orange, and pink. According to colour psychology, these hues are soothing and make kids feel calmer. While you keep this in mind, also consider your child’s favourite colour. Little girls are often drawn to pink, white, light green, yellow and purple. Small boys may prefer blue, orange, and grey. Remember these colour choices of your little one when you choose bedsheets for them. If they’re attracted to more than one colour, surprise them with bedsheets of different colours on different days for fun.

    Find a Bedsheet Featuring Their Favourite Animated Characters

    Does your child love the Minions? Spread out a minion bedsheet to make your little one feel like he/she is lying next to a friend. Your bedtime stories can involve these fun animated characters. You can even ask your child to sing their popular “Banana Song” before going to bed. You’ll be surprised to see your baby so excited about bedtime.

    Kids change their minds ever so often! Find out other interests of your little one before shopping for bedsheets. Maybe your child enjoys Disney movies or characters Lightning McQueen from Disney Pixar movie, Cars and Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. You can choose bedsheets with your little ones’ favourite Disney characters to delight them.

    Let Them Share Their Space with Their Beloved Marvel Superheroes

    It may be so much fun for your child to sleep next to their favourite superheroes! Say, your child is a big fan of Marvel’s Avengers. Put your little warrior to sleep on a Marvel Avengers bedsheet. Your kid may be crazy about Iron Man or Spider-Man. Buy bedsheets online that are inspired by these characters. The fandom may trigger several conversations and you can share a great moment with your child just before bedtime. Children just love to curl up in bed facing their role models!

    Let Them Drift Off in a Land of Fantasy

    Is your daughter hooked to movies of Disney Princesses? Say, she admires Jasmine. You can put your little princess to sleep against a diamond-studded sky on a Disney Princess Jasmine bedsheet. She may wish to spend her bedtime in the worlds of Elsa, Ariel, or Cinderella. You can find just the right bedsheets designed after her favourite Disney Princesses. Gift your little one blissful sleep in her fantasy world.

    Other Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Bedsheets for Children

    While choosing fun themes, here are some other factors to tick off in kid’s bedsheets.

    100% Cotton

    You’d want your kid’s bedsheet to be soft, comfortable, and breathable. For this, 100% cotton is the best choice. This can improve your little one’s quality of sleep.

    Easy Stain Release

    Kids are playful and often spill things on the bed. So, you’d want a bedsheet that’s easy to clean. For that, check the specifications for easy stain release.


    Children’s skin tends to be more sensitive. So, you need to be extra careful when picking a kid’s bedsheet. Choose one that is soft and made with superior quality materials, so that the fabric doesn’t lead to rashes or allergies.

    To buy a bedsheet online that is both fun and comfortable, you need a store that has a wide selection of the trending superheroes, princesses, and animated characters. You may want single or double bedsheets, but it helps if the site has a size guide. Pick those that have matching pillowcases for the best-themed bed for your child.


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