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    Being in social distancing, Madad Guru launches community Kitchen to serve fellow citizen.

    Published on April 2, 2020

     New Delhi: Amidst the crisis entire world is encountering right now, humanity calls for action. Not just the nation but the whole world is fighting an unwarned adversary in the name of COVID-19 aka Corona virus. Besides declaring it a national emergency and nationwide lockdown being announced to avoid contact and maintain social distancing in order to curb the community spread or let say stage 3, this fight stays long.

    Government has strictly prohibited gatherings and advised against stepping out of our respective houses. But what concerns us the most is that there is a vast working population (mostly underprivileged) who work on daily wages at places far away from their hometowns and they merely have any shelter to call as home in these times. This immediate emergency has created havoc in people like these and owing to the lockdown they have lost every source to earn their bread and butter.

    Amidst confusion, crisis and insecurity people are scared and uncertain about their survival.

    MADADGURU a unit of Divyaprakash Sewasamiti in collaboration with sibling’s food has come forward to serve our fellow citizens with their food requirements. Commenting on the same, Ayush Gaur, (Founder & Managing Director) said: We are happy to set up community kitchens to cook and supply food for those in need and we are even up and steady to help people out in all possible ways concerned with the issue. Food packets are being manufactured in extremely hygienic conditions and with proper standards and are being handed over to the concerned authorities and administration in order to avoid direct contact with people as per medical advisory. Madad guru maintaining community kitchens in every zone. We have started with Kanpur region which has been divided in 8 zones , 3 of which are fully functional  and the process of building the  very same model is under progress in all other areas of Uttar Pradesh.

    With a thought ‘ Humanity calls for action, if we are blessed enough then why not share’.

     ‘Our kitchens will not just be kitchens but they will also be functioning as depot stations so that all over the area people can contribute in this food donation and distribution drive and we’ll be collecting over and the entire lot will go over to the control room being functioned by the district magistrate’, added ayush gaur.

    Madad guru is not only providing for to needy but also they are there to help people out with all issues regarding food and accommodation, can even get you in contact with authorities if anyone seeks any sort of help.