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  • Benefits of Insurance While Travelling To Asia

    Published on November 6, 2019

    While travelling abroad, a travel insurance policy covers any unexpected risks you might come across. Throughout the trip, it provides you complete protection and in case of emergency, it offers you reimbursement. This way you enjoy your vacation with your loved ones without any worries. Thus, it is very vital to buy an insurance policy to avoid unforeseen situations such as loss of the passport, flight delay, and loss of baggage as well as medical emergencies. As per your needs, you can choose your coverage and select the suitable plan.

    You can opt for an Asia travel insurance plan when you are travelling to any of the Asian Countries. This insurance policy offers comprehensive coverage, which covers the uncertainties that you might face while travelling in the region.


    Following are the benefits of travel insurance Asia:

    Loss of the passport

    Hijacking benefit

    Trip delay benefit

    Trip cancellation

    Loss or delay of checked-in baggage

    Medical expenses

    Accidental death benefit

    Personal liability benefit

    Emergency cash advance


    Personal Accident

    The travel insurance asia plan covers personal death or Permanent Total Disablement due to accidental bodily injury.

    Medical Expenses

    It covers medical treatment cost incurred because of any illness or injury suffered during the overseas vacation.

    Baggage and Personal Effect loss

    Most of the insurance companies provide policies, which include benefits that provide a claim to their customer in case of loss of baggage. For example, if the baggage is lost while travelling in the cab or due to the transfer from one airline to another. The claim amount is limited to the sum insured in the insurance policy at the time of purchase. Make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before proceeding with the policy.

    Loss of passport

    You are reimbursed if you lose your passport and incur necessary and reasonable expenses for obtaining a duplicate or new passport.

    Trip interruption or cancellation

    While travelling to a foreign land, delays or cancellation might take place. A travel insurance policy provides you with coverage in case your journey is interrupted or postponed.


    The insurance company is not liable to make payment for the medical expenses incurred before taking the policy.

    If the insured or any other person fails to check-in correctly as required by the airlines, then the insurance company might reject their make the payment.


    Compare Travel Insurance Online

    The online platform is the easiest way to compare travel insurance plans. You can instantly view and compare travel insurance reviews with certain assistance in unforeseen situations, such as trip delay or cancellation, loss of baggage, etc. One can also compare the travel insurance premium online and choose the policy as per his/her needs.

    Following are some benefits for buying travel insurance online:

    • It is simple and convenient to buy travel insurance plans online
    • Easy, convenient and time-saving
    • Instant policy
    • Transparency
    • Multiple secure payment options
    • On-the-spot plan comparison
    • 24*7 customer support