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  • Sunday, April, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 02:07:57

    Bengaluru: Bengaluru’s evolving love for culinary delights and innovation gets a new spot to experience Indian food with tasty modern twists. White Garden in Kalyan Nagar opens a chic avenue inspired by nature and picking aesthetics that restore tranquility in the bustling streets. The artisanal kitchen brings forth a fusion of Indian cuisine with an innovative approach and trending recipes.

    White Garden has been backed by strong pillars of its founders Mr Pattabhi Ram Madhyasthaand Mr Shrinidhi Hegde, both dynamic professionals in the hospitality industry. Their combined passion for exceptional guest experiences has resulted in the soaring popularity of this venture. Talking about the same Mr Shrinidhi says, “We wanted to embark on our passion for innovation into the culinary experience, especially for vegetarians. The vibrancy of Bengaluru’s food scene seemed just ideal to pave the way and blend in our hotel management expertise over the years. We created a space that fuels artistic expression. White Garden is not just a restaurant; it’s an experience of taste, aesthetics, and serenity.” Open layouts, alfresco areas and exquisite design retain calm while the indoor plants and earthy tones ensure nature thrives.

    Being a vegetarian artisanal kitchen, its prowess lies in the commitment to using fresh organic ingredients to offer an unparalleled dining experience. Challenging the stereotypes about the lack of diversity in vegetarian food, it also brings forth a gastronomical pleasure for those steering towards a plant-based lifestyle.

    The menu has been curated by renowned chefs Krishna Khetle and Sanjoy Dhali. Their expertise brings to the table – Tandoor Zhol Momo Soup, a unique Tibetan momo soup with Tandoori spices, Mock Meat Lollipop, a vegan signature dish seasoned with herbs and spices, Asparagus and Water Chestnut Dim Sum, Pesto Paneer Pizza, Sicilian Lasagne and Dragon Roll, a burst of flavours with flame-torched mascarpone, sweet shiitake, spicy mayo, togarashi, and pickled carrot. The menu presents a delicious choice that celebrates the harmony of flavours and presentation. And to enjoy these meals under the open sky with breezy weather only adds to the soothing ambience of the place.

    Rigorous quality control measures are followed to ensure consistency in taste. The skilled chefs handpick the ingredients daily and prepare dishes in small batches to guarantee optimum quality. Moreover, customer feedback is regularly recorded and interpreted for the introduction of new dishes on the menu. With such adaptability, the restaurant ensures an ever-evolving dining experience that keeps patrons excited and engaged with their plant-based offerings.

    White Garden’s playful interiors ensure that culinary mastery meets visual artistry, with subtle materials inspired by nature. The first floor has terrazzo tables and pink chairs while the alfresco section uses vintage tiles and lush greenery for company. All set to captivate your senses, White Garden deserves your visit to turn your dining moments into memories.


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