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Bengaluru Orthopaedic Surgeon conducts 1000 Robotic Surgeries

Bengaluru: Bengaluru based Dr R. Prashanth, Director, Specialist Hospital in Kalyan Nagar has achieved the distinction of becoming the first orthopaedic surgeon in South India to complete 1000 robotic surgeries. Averaging at least one surgery every day, DrPrashanth, the youngest robotic surgeon in the country accomplished this milestone within a short span of thirty months with a 100% success rate. All procedures, including hip and knee replacements were conducted at Specialist Hospital, which was an early adopter of robotics. Dr Prashanth was the first surgeon to use robotics in joint and knee replacement surgeries in South India.

“Robotics makes one a better surgeon, since almost all issues in joint replacement surgeries are caused due to human error. With this technology there are minimal errors since the accuracy and precision does not change.  With robotics technology, there is less incision, less blood loss, less bone loss and it is a highly repeatable procedure. It also helps in reducing the patients stay in the hospital and speeds up the rehabilitation process. Robotics also has the added advantage of predicting the results of the procedure through augmented reality and artificial intelligence.” said Dr Prashanth.

India was the second country after the US and the first in Asia to adopt robotics. Despite taking to this technology early, robotics didn’t go down well with orthopaedic surgeons mainly because of the high costs of machinery and the mindset of surgeons that it was not actually required. 

“Today, there is only one other hospital in Bengaluru that has introduced robotics for orthopaedic procedures. Over the last two and a half years, I have conducted replacement surgeries on patients across all ages with knee surgeries accounting for more than hip surgeries. My patients have been both Indian and Foreign nationals, many of the foreigners being from the middle east. My most unique case was on a young man who needed a double hip and double knee replacement surgery. I was able to do this in a single sitting which lasted around six hours. Today the patient has recuperated completely and is enjoying high quality mobility.”Dr Prashanth added.Dr.Prashanth completed his degree at Manipal University and has been practicing in Bengaluru since. He is also the co-founder of Specialist Hospital, Kalyan Nagar and one of the most sought-after orthopaedic surgeons in the city.

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