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  • In a modernized society, people try to use paper magazines less and less every day, so online blogs and magazines come to the rescue. But not all blogs and magazines are time-worthy. The quality and conciseness of the content matter a lot. Especially if you are a senior, you need to make sure that the information given in an article is accurate and valid. Hence it is best to search for the best blogs on the internet. However, you might not have the time for that, so we tried to provide a summary for you. In the following article, we try to pick the best blogs on the internet with content dedicated to seniors.

    Living Maples

    Living Maples, whit address Livingmaples.com/mag, started working as an online blog for publishing valuable content for seniors in the summer of 2020. This website publishes articles on various subjects, including exercise for seniors, Entertainment, Health, and focuses on writing for seniors’ physical and mental health, concerns of the seniors, and everything that helps seniors enjoy a happy, healthy life. Seniors face many issues as they age. Living Maple talks about these issues and gives the readers the information they need to handle every situation better.

    You can find information about the diseases seniors struggle with, like Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and learn about the ways you can prevent or control such diseases. Another subject Living Maples presents articles about is hobbies for seniors. Usually, when you reach 60, you find yourself with a lot of free time and very little to do. Articles of this kind help you manage your free time and spend it on what you like doing the most.

    Living Maple provides helpful content for all seniors but focuses on the seniors living in Canada. This blog is a must-read for you if you are a senior citizen in Canada since it gives you all the useful information you need. For example, you can read about the top physiotherapists in different cities of Canada. This website aims to design an application with the most useful, innovative, and accessible features to meet seniors’ digital needs in Canada and become an inseparable part of their lives.

    Living Maples covers a wide variety of topics for seniors. The games seniors can play to train their brain and prevent Alzheimer’s, Workout routines and diet plans, Healthy food and drinks, and activities you enjoy as a retiree or a senior are just a few examples of the articles of Living Maples offer to the readers.  

    Sixty and Me

    Sixtyandme started working in 2013. This blog tells women everything they need to know about life after 60. You can find tips on losing weight and getting in shape, guides on doing exercises like yoga, and diet suggestions for getting the proper nutrition without overeating. But the guides do not only focus on physical health. You can find tons of helpful articles on reducing your stress, overcoming your fears, and developing a positive mindset so you can live happily. Dating tips, tips on marriage and divorce, and connecting with children also discuss. You can even find recipes that are healthy for seniors. In short, from aging and health to travel and finance, you can find all the information you need with the help of Sixty and Me. 

    However, this website does not give medical or financial advice. The articles on this website can only provide you with tips and guides to have a positive mindset and a healthy lifestyle. Seniors are strongly discouraged from changing their diet or medical plan, or workout routine without consulting a doctor first. Also, they should not accept anything on the website as legal advice and act upon it without getting an expert’s opinion.

    The founder of this blog is Margaret Manning. She founded Sixty and Me because she wanted to help women her age to find profitable work, manage their financial issues in the best way, and stay happy and healthy. This blog claims to be the biggest community of women over 60 years old. Over 50000 women are active in this community, which seems accurate.

    Another interesting section on the website features free online games for seniors, including crosswords, Mahjong, and card games like solitaire.

    Senior Planet

    Senior planet is the first tech-related website dedicated to 60-year-old or older people. Getting along with technology can be challenging for some seniors. And there is not always someone who can assist you when you want to work with your smartphone, a computer, or any other modern device.

    Senior Planet explains the modern trends of technology and the internet world in a simple way for seniors who need guides and walkthroughs. Like most blogs, senior Planet also publishes articles on various topics. You can find stories about the blog and the team that works on it. Also, you can find out about the things that happen beyond the surface of the blog. Also, some seniors have shared their experience of learning something new with Senior Planet. You can read what they have to say and use their experience to make your learning process more manageable. It will help you to stay focused, inspired, and motivated.

    But that is not everything that Senior Planet offers. Senior Planet also designs courses for seniors who want to improve their skills, use technology to their advantage, and immerse themselves in the fields of social engagement, financial security, health, civic engagement, and creativity. From working with your iPad and using social media platforms to establishing your startup, Senior Planet teaches you the essential knowledge.

    Senior Planet also plans online events for seniors who find it hard to attend the local events in person. Most of these events are fitness shows in which you exercise with the coach and exercise effectively or tech-related workshops and classes in which you can learn in a group. So seniors can participate in these online events and learn more about their topic of interest from home without needing to leave the house.

    Better After 50

    As the name implies, this website provides content for women living in their 50s and after that. Comparing to other websites working for the same purpose, betterafter50 is a little more personal. This blog publishes stories from women who want to share their real-life experiences.

    The main goal is to provide a safe space for women to express themselves freely, without feeling the need to hide any detail in fear of being judged. It’s especially important since the stories are anonymous, so you do not share your personal information. Hence the blog is a place where you can confess to anything, share your concerns and dilemmas, complain, and tell the readers about your thoughts and insights on any possible subject.

    Some stories are controversial and lead to getting familiar with different opinions on a subject, and some stories talk about the concerns of most women, so you can find the chance to relate to them. The content on this blog helps you embrace the natural changes aging brings to any woman. In your 50s, your physical and mental status go through changes. You view your relationships differently. Financial issues become important, and your priorities and needs change, maybe so drastically. Betterafter50 tries to tell you that these changes are natural and normal, so you need to accept this fact and approach aging with a positive mindset.

    But interesting life stories are not the only thing you can find on this website. There are also featured articles that tell you everything you need to know about fashion tips, relationships, parenting, and maintaining your mental and physical body as a woman nearing or in her seniority years.

    Betterafter50 also features an online shop from which you can buy clothes or gifts for your friends or yourself.


    It is impossible to name all the good blogs and online magazines for the seniors. However, some blogs stand out among all the other great sources of content for older adults. These are only the websites we find more senior-friendly and helpful. Nevertheless, you must know blogs that provide content for seniors since nothing is more important than keeping our seniors happy, safe, and educated.