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  • Many players pick their M+ specs based on tier lists, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But here’s the thing: those lists mostly focus on higher key recommendations, which might not be suitable for players who are just getting started with their Mythic+ journey. That’s why we are here, breaking down the best specs that are newbie-friendly but still pack a punch to help you push those keys. And whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned vet, you can always snag a WoW Mythic+ boost to improve your rating, score some sweet loot, or just have a blast with the Top 0.1% M+ players on your team. 

    Easiest WoW Classes For Dragonflight Mythic+

    First off, let’s talk about our selection criteria. In our list, we’ve got classes that:

    • Rock solid in their main role (damage for DPS, healing output for healers, threat generation for tanks)
    • Need minimal effort to perform well
    • Keep it simple with their spell rotations
    • Don’t rely on too many cooldowns

    Now, it’s worth mentioning that this list is just one opinion among many. There’s no one-size-fits-all here. Picking a class mainly depends on your preferences and playstyle, and we’re just here to give recommendations, which you’re totally free to follow or ignore.

    That said, let’s dive into those specs!



    Beast Mastery Hunter is your safest bet in the Ranged DPS department. With its straightforward damage rotation and minimal group responsibilities, you can focus on dealing damage without worrying too much about bigger utility. BM Hunter is less cooldown-reliant compared to other specs in this category, ensuring you can dish out consistent damage throughout the entire run. Overall, it’s a great spec for honing your skills and preparing for higher keys. Just keep in mind that survivability isn’t its strong suit, so learning to use your defensives and reacting properly to big hits is very important.

    You might also want to give Destruction Warlock a shot. It’s a bit tankier but still packs enough punch for lower keys, and its rotation is relatively simple too. The only thing you might struggle with is mastering Shadowfury. It’s got a cast time, making it a tad trickier than your usual stuns. You’ll need to keep an eye on cooldowns to figure out how and when to use it, especially for interrupting crucial casts. But once you get the hang of it, things will go much smoother.


    Retribution Paladins make dealing big damage feel like a walk in the park. Their offensive toolkit is very powerful, and spell rotation is as straightforward as it gets. What’s cool is that their attack range is bigger than your average melee class, allowing you to dish out damage from a bit of a distance too. So, not only are you a melee powerhouse, but you can also land some semi-ranged attacks! Plus, this spec is pretty tanky, so you can take a hit without stressing over defensives and just focus on dealing damage instead. And on top of all that, Ret can provide lots of support to the group, from various Blessings to off-heals and dispels, but that will require you to dive a bit deeper into the utility kit.

    Fury Warrior is a simpler pick, with no utility frills attached. Dealing damage is easy, plus there’s some passive tankiness thrown in, making it a solid choice for beginners. You’ll be pulling off effective interrupts and stops even on entry-level keys.


    Tanking itself isn’t exactly beginner-friendly as a role since it carries a lot of responsibility within the group, with every mistake or lack of experience having serious consequences. Before diving into this role, make sure you grasp the tanking basics and understand boss and mob mechanics to effectively pull targets and hold aggro.

    As for specs, we’d recommend Guardian Druid. It’s a very simple spec from a mechanics standpoint, thanks to its simple rotations and short cooldowns. Plus, they boast high survivability, which is always a great thing to have, especially on a tank.

    Protection Warrior is also a decent choice for those trying out the role. This spec is incredibly durable, with solid damage mitigation and quick threat generation on pulls. While their limited utility might not make Prot Warriors the top pick for high-level keys, it’s precisely what makes them a fantastic option for newcomers for being very easy to play.


    This role can be quite tricky too, but it’s definitely easier for newbies compared to tanking.

    Our top pick in this department is Restoration Shaman. While it might not work miracles on higher keys, it’s perfect for getting acquainted with the healer role in M+. This spec offers simple and reactive heals that don’t require advance planning, giving you that HP right away in response to damage. Plus, you get a bunch of nice damage-dealing abilities like Lava Burst or Lightning Bolt.

    Another great option for entry-level keys is Holy Priest. It has an intuitive healer kit, so you won’t have to scratch your head figuring out which casts to use in response to damage. However, there’s a major downside: defensively, this spec is quite weak, which might not be an issue in lower keys but will require proactive damage reduction as you progress.


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