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Best-Selling Author Nitin Seth Unveils His Latest Book Mastering the Data Paradox

 New Delhi : Renowned technology entrepreneur, thought leader and best-selling author Nitin Seth today announced the release of his latest book, “Mastering the Data Paradox,” published by Penguin Random House India. The book unveiling event featured an esteemed panel of industry luminaries, including Raman Roy, Chairman & MD of Quatrro BPO Solutions; CP Gurnani, Former MD & CEO of Tech Mahindra; Pramath Sinha, Founder & Chairman of Harappa upGrad & Founder of Ashoka University, Vikash Daga, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Co and Muk Mehta, EVP & CIO of AssetMark.

Nitin Seth who is the Co-Founder & CEO of Incedo Inc, previously served as the Chief Operating Officer of Flipkart, MD & Country Head for Fidelity International in India, and Director of McKinsey’s Global Knowledge Centre in India. He is also the bestselling author of “Winning in the Digital Age,” which won 5 Best Business Book Awards globally.

In “Mastering the Data Paradox,” Seth draws from his extensive three decades career leading transformative initiatives in business, digital, data, and AI for global organizations. The book is a comprehensive, yet simple and actionable guide aimed at helping individuals and enterprises unlock the true potential of AI by leveraging the transformative power of data.

The book delves into the many paradoxes of data – it’s potential for positive impact versus its overwhelming complexity. Seth advocates that mastering the data paradox is necessary, and he attempts to answer key questions such as why and how AI powered by data can create transformational value for enterprises and individuals, how individuals and enterprises can effectively deal with data paradoxes to unlock the transformational value of data and AI, and what principles we can learn from life and apply to data, and vice versa, as we navigate the new world of data-enriched lives.

“We are living in a transformative era where data and AI are redefining every aspect of our lives. This convergence holds immense promise, and ‘Mastering the Data Paradox’ provides a clear roadmap for individuals, enterprises, and nations to harness the power of data and AI to create a better future.” said Nitin Seth.

Mukesh Mehta, EVP & Chief Information Officer, AssetMark said, “Mastery of data is the lifeblood of any organization, regardless of industry vertical; and ironically, it is one of the most significant yet fundamental threats to those who do not find a structured approach to rein in its complexity. Nitin Seth’s first book, the bestselling Winning in the Digital Age, is now enhanced by the context of his personal passion and practitioners’ experiences in understanding the overlap of the strategic complexity of data and the value of a sound perspective to drive success in a digital world. Sometimes, of course, timing is everything, and with the proliferation of advanced data tooling and AI-driven disruption, Mastering the Data Paradox provides a foundation for understanding the historical context of the data explosion, and how to manage what Seth refers to as the “dark side of data” to deliver true value. Effectively, this is a guidebook to navigate the truism that “Big Data is only valuable if it leads to Big Decisions”, whether to enhance your work environment; or uniquely, how data can be leveraged to advance “digital detox” to improve your personal life!”

Within a week of its release, the book has been declared a “National Bestseller” by both Penguin and Amazon India. It has since ranked #1 in Hot New Releases and achieved #1 bestseller status across 4 categories on Amazon, reflecting the overwhelming response from readers.

The book has received widespread acclaim from top industry leaders, including David Cohen, Founder & Owner of Simcah Management; Ashish Chand, President & CEO of Belden Inc; Dhrupad Trivedi, CEO of A10 Networks, Inc.; Michael J. Ragunas, Chief Technology Officer of Cetera Financial Group; Mukesh Mehta, EVP & Chief Information Officer of AssetMark; Leo Puri, Senior Financial Services Executive, Advisor, & Investor; Dinesh Khanna, Managing Director & Senior Partner at Boston Consulting Group; Dr. Anurag Agarwal, Dean of Biosciences & Health Research at Ashoka University; Anurag Rana, Senior Technology Analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence; & Som Mittal, Former President & Chairman of NASSCOM.

“Mastering the Data Paradox” is available for purchase online on Amazon and at all major book retailers and online platforms.

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