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  • Best Time To Invest In Gold

    Published on July 25, 2010

    The spot price of gold is up over 300% from January of 2000 to

    January of 2010,with many experts calling for $2000 per ounce gold in the near term, this might

    be the best time to acquire in gold says ITM Trading, INC a leading brick and mortar and online

    precious metals trading company.

    The volatile stock market and the inconsistency of commodities’ make investing in gold, which

    has been the tried and tested method of investment since ages a much better option at any

    given day.

    Statistics show that despite its sharp declines[on Friday(16th July)] the gold price managed to

    hold its recent low and thus remains entrenched in its $1185/$1218 range for the time being.

    This shows that even though gold may seem to show some volatility, it definitely is the best

    option for investing for the long-term according to the experts.

    “Every single person out there should own some gold,” said celebrity analyst and money

    manager Jim Cramer to his CNBC viewers on Friday, noting the start of what he believes to be

    a traditional summer sale in the metal.

    “There are going to be days when gold goes down, but you must have at least a tenth of your

    portfolio in gold. I love to buy it on weakness.”

    ITM Trading, INC, is a major player in the gold coin industry with some of the best in house

    numismatists. They have been in this business since 1995 and have been bestowed upon with

    an “A+” rating by the better Business Bureau.

    ITM TRADING INC. handles most forms of gold, silver, platinum as well as rare coins and

    provides for a two-way buy-sell market.