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  • Friday, January, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:27:40
  • By   Ácárya Shambhúshivánanda Avadhúta

    A dreaded specter is haunting the entire world at the moment— COVID19.  The  Global  pandemic  has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands and infected millions of humans  in over 195 countries.

    The whole world has almost come to a stand still and COVID19 has posed a challenge, which is no less than the previous world wars, economic depressions, nuclear threats, tsunamis and plagues of the past. What is so special about this pandemic is that it has enveloped all people on the earth at almost the same time and spread quite rapidly, affecting rich and poor,

    young and old, men and women, and created a lot of uncertainty about the future for everyone. Ppolitical leaders, scientists and researchers around the globe are busy trying to fully grasp the etiology of this pandemic and find short-term and long-term solutions to deal with its spreading and protect lives of those who are infected or waiting to be the victim. It may take many months before we fully understand the ways to insulate ourselves from such invisible creatures.

    It appears that this unexpected visitor is bringing us some important messages:

    Message #1– We need a global response to global challenges. We

    need a greater global coordination and preparedness to face such

    challenges, today and tomorrow. Perhaps the time for a world

    government led by benevolent leaders is drawing nearer in order

    to face this and other such challenges that do not respect national or

    genetic boundaries. At the least, we need greater transparency and

    stronger global governance mechanism to ensure timely response by

    all concerned.

    Message #2– This pandemic is forcing us to think of the basics: food

    security for all and health infrastructure for entire global population.

    The global economic system, which ignores the rationality of creating

    economic self-sufficiency for every region is bound to remain

    vulnerable in such times of crises. The sooner we learn to establish

    resilience at the community level, the lesser the pain to common

    people and greater the chances of human survival. Ensuring

    increased purchasing power to one and all is the only way forward.

    Message#3– The vast potential of digitization, use of robotics, AI and

    ICT is just beginning to be recognized now. These technologies and

    their future improvements are not our enemies, but a gift of the

    divine to equip us to come together quickly and respond to any

    calamity with the greatest human ingenuity. Education is not about

    information any more. Online learning is becoming a norm now.

    Home-based work is likely to become more common. The use of

    technology to replace all tasks that is repetitive will become the

    order of the day. The importance of “BEING A TRUE HUMAN” will

    begin to get recognized too. The developed sense of ethics is as

    important as the intellectual faculties that make technology possible.

    Thus, an intellectual renaissance led by a cosmic vision is likely to

    emerge from the ruins of this pandemic.

    Message #4– Never underestimate the power of the tiny or the

    little. A small hole can leak our all energy. Hence, the tiny is never

    tiny. Those who are poor or at the bottom of the social ladder doing

    so-called menial tasks carry the entire weight of the social body.

    Their welfare is as important as the glamorous lives of the celebrities

    and few super-stars or the super-rich. Let humans be recognized by

    their spirit of service and sacrifice and not by the social status or

    quantity of wealth that they accumulate by hook or crook. Human

    happiness does not depend on material accumulation but on Spiritual


    Message #5– Listen to the seers who have taught humanity to treat

    all as the embodiments of Divine Consciousness. Behind these viruses

    lies power of the microvitum- the mysterious emanation of the

    Cosmic Spirit. We must attune our will to the Divine Will through

    intuitional practices, spirit of service and adherence to ethical codes

    that cause least hurt to all creatures. A compassionate life style can

    save us from such epidemics in future also. Let humanity follow the

    universal instructions of the sages of the past free from dogma of any


     (The author is Kulapati (Chancellor), Ánanda Márga Gurukula, Ánandanagar, India)


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