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Big B couples pair up to be the most famous Bollywood Parents in India

Chennai: BharatMatrimony, the world’s most successful matrimony website, conducted an exclusive survey in tune to the parent’s day celebrations on July 24th. The survey offers a complete and interesting insights, trends and rare nuggets of information about how the youth regard marriages and the role of parents with respect to important marital decisions. More than 15000 members participated in this comprehensive Parents Day online survey.

The winds of change are indeed sweeping the institution of matrimony in India. Parents as well as unmarried men and women are being influenced by these changes. This is clearly evident when majority of the respondents (above 60%) felt that the parents views and stance about marriage has undergone tremendous change and they further felt that its a positive single that will facilitate youngsters to understand and appreciate marriage as an important institute.

Yet another change in attitudes was evident when 83% of the respondent believed that online matrimonial sites are safe, helpful and provides them wide choice of life partners. In addition, nearly 67% of the respondents also believed that online matrimony empowered women to make their own choices in marriages. Further, they felt that many advanced tools & applications introduced by BharatMatrimony optimizes their search and encourages them to share their profile with at most security. In fact, about 70 % of the respondents felt that marriages arranged through matrimonial websites had the same success rate in comparison to traditionally arranged marriages.

Mr Murugavel Janakiraman, Founder-CEO, BharatMatrimony, commented: “While the surveys have revealed useful nuggets of information and insights into marriages and its changing facets, people in India continue to see marriage as a sacred bonding where parents have a very special role to play. It is best performed with the blessings of parents, an overwhelming majority feel. However, the survey also proved that more and more unmarried people along with their parents believed in the convenience and wide selection of partners provided by online matrimony. The new ways of thinking have not diluted the traditional respect and sanctity accorded to marriages in general.”

Confirming the special bonding Indians have with their parents, an overwhelming 90% of the unmarried respondents who took part in the survey believed in getting married with the blessings of their parents. About 57% of the respondents also strongly felt that they would not go ahead and marry a person of their choice against the wishes of their parents. However, 20% of the respondent said that they would go ahead despite parental opposition.

The survey further threw light on the fact that marriage within the same religion and community are slowly giving way to broader perspective of choosing a life partner outside their religion and community. Interestingly, 59% of the respondents thought that a marriage finalized by parents will tend to be long lasting as parents have rich experience and will understand their child’s needs better. Further, nearly 76% of the parents who took part in the survey believed that their children would get married only with their blessings. Only about 16% of the parents believed that they wouldn’t be able to influence marriage decisions.

The survey also found out the popular parents in Bollywood stardom. The respondents who took part in the survey also voted Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan as the most famous Bollywood couple (43%). The second most famous couple were Kajol and Ajay Devgan followed by King Khan and Gauri Khan.

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