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  • Thursday, May, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 10:01:00
  • Big Eyes coin(BIG) is a new memecoin that the cryptocurrency market has had eyes on for a while now, especially after it raised $ 1 million in its first week of the presale. The project has had a successful presale so far and is almost concluding. However, there’s still some time for buyers who want to enter early and at presale price to scoop up more tokens. Considering the cryptocurrency’s potential, it could be the most promising token of the year.

    Alongside altcoins like Cardano(ADA), the opportunities they present could be pretty profitable for those who look hard enough. However, this article looks hard enough, so you don’t have to. Making money off cryptocurrencies is about taking chances as early as possible. No one wins as much as early adopters in crypto– we can ask the people who believed in bitcoin(BTC) when the whole world looked away or those who bought top cryptocurrencies at the presale stage.

    Cardano(ADA) The Blockchain Network

    Cardano(ADA) is a blockchain network led by an ethereum co-founder and fashions itself as a next-generation improvement on the ethereum blockchain. It has become a top crypto asset over the last few years. Despite claiming to be an improvement on the ethereum blockchain, Cardano is occasionally reprimanded for trailing behind Ethereum and other layer-1 blockchains with robust decentralized finance (DeFi) communities in terms of smart contract capabilities.

    Cardano, unlike Ethereum, is built on the “unspent transaction output” (UTXO) mechanism associated with Bitcoin, a method of determining what’s kept in users’ wallets by keeping track of the change left over when coins are spent. However, the Cardano blockchain has had some recent developments to improve the network. Smart contract capabilities were recently added, and a new update called the Vasil hard fork is intended to enrich smart contract capabilities, improve the chain’s throughput and reduce fees.

    Vasil’s Cardano ledger improvements will enable inputs and UTXOs to be utilized in scripting contracts without being spent. In other words, access to information held on the blockchain is made more accessible without the necessity for spending and re-creating UTXOs, as was previously the case. Changing how reference scripts are handled now allows for a significant reduction in the size of the transactions that run them, which once caused processing delays.

    Big Eyes (BIG) The New Meme Coin

    Big Eyes is an ethereum-based memecoin project with the potential to break the market like the Shiba Inu(SHIB) era. The project has made tremendous marketing efforts and looks to be the next big memecoin in the cryptocurrency market. Big Eyes is inspired by cute cat memes as it hopes to recreate the meta for memecoins and inspires emerging memecoin projects to join the cat meme bandwagon.

    Dogecoin(DOGE) created the dog memes meta several years ago, and we have seen thousands of doge-inspired memecoins in the memecoin market without a breakthrough. They usually die off after a few days of hype. Shiba Inu was the only memecoin to challenge Dogecoin’s status following endorsements from Vitalik, creator of ethereum, and Elon Musk.

    Big Eyes aims to build wealth for its community using the many opportunities that DeFi presents. The project’s success will bring on other utilities like NFTs that give more access to content, contests, and several other events that the community will host. Big Eyes aims to build the biggest community of memecoin while ensuring that they provide the most value in the memecoin landscape.

    Big Eyes presale is almost over. Join the BIG token presale here now, and don’t miss out on the possible gains.

    For more information:

    Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

    Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/

    Website: https://bigeyes.space/

    Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL


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