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Big Eyes Coin – The Next Crypto To Explode Adopts Metaverse Features Like Elrond And ApeCoin

Cryptocurrencies have come a long way from DeFi to augmented reality. Opportunities in this metaverse are numerous. Like the real world, it can be modified to offer any satisfaction.

Projects like Big Eyes Coin, Elrond, and ApeCoin have adopted this virtual world into their ecosystem. This article will focus on Big Eyes, the latest cat-themed meme project. It will discuss its features in comparison to Elrond and ApeCoin.

The Big Eyes Coin Ecosystem

Big Eyes, developed by anonymous individuals, operates on Ethereum. This legendary blockchain lends its features to support Big Eyes. In response, Big Eyes can host next-generation functionalities like a virtual world.

The Big Eyes metaverse will facilitate collaborations among members. It has an NFT marketplace filled with unique NFT collections. This marketplace will support creating cat-themed NFTs. These NFTs will be unique and attractive.

Additional features of the Big Eyes NFTs are access to exclusive events. These events will be regular and richly rewarding. All designers with the best designs will receive BIG as their reward.

The Elrond project is an excellent source of encouragement for Big Eyes. How has Elrond positively affected Big Eyes? Let’s find out.

Elrond’s Diversification into the Metaverse, An Inspiration For Big Eyes

Elrond has adopted a new name, MultiversX. It intends to focus on developing its metaverse. These developments will launch three metaverse-integrated processes, xWorld, xPortal, and xFabric.

Elrond intends to follow the common trend in this space. By leveraging the metaverse, its developers promise to be unique. This means all EGLD holders will have direct access to the metaverse.

Like Elrond, Big Eyes promises to develop and launch the most advanced metaverse. Its native ERC-20 cryptocurrency will power this platform.

The Big Eyes cryptocurrency has other features outside the metaverse. What are some of these features?

The Big Eyes (BIG) Token

The Big Eyes cryptocurrency has a total supply of 200 Billion. These digital assets are used for all transactions within the Big Eyes ecosystem. BIG tokens also grant governance rights to holders. This right includes the freedom to participate in its democratic management processes.

Additional features of Big Eyes (BIG) token staking. Thanks to the Ethereum merger and upgrade, users can now stake tokens. While staking helps Big Eyes operate better, it rewards users.

These stakeholders receive incentives for continuous staking. Rewards are based on the size of the stake and staking duration. It can be accumulated over time to make the reward significant.

Big Eyes Next To Elrond And ApeCoin

Before its rebranding, Elrond operates a proof-of-stake blockchain. This platform achieves its scalability through adaptive sharding. Its new development promises to be revolutionary.

Elrond or MultiversX will now be integrated with the metaverse. It promises to be a new type of metaverse project.

MultiversX launches three sub-platforms. Each platform has specific functions and features that it will offer users.

It makes it easy for users to interact with the metaverse. Some features include social interactions, a payment medium, and an interoperable metaverse.

ApeCoin is Ethereum based. It is a project built to power the largest NFT platform. The Bored Ape Yacht Club has one of the most expensive NFTs in this space. Celebrities and influencers support it.

ApeCoin is the primary cryptocurrency used for transactions in its ecosystem. With a maximum supply of 1 billion APE, it grants governance rights to holders. The Ape ecosystem is community-driven. Its DAO comprises stakeholders of APE.

Big Eyes intends to build itself as a community-managed project. It assures members of its longevity by releasing 90% of its total assets before launch.

How To Buy The Big Eyes Presale

To become an active member of Big Eyes, you must buy its tokens. This token is currently available through its presale portal. You will need to fund your ERC-20 wallet to complete the transaction.

After successfully funding, visit the Big Eyes presale website and connect your wallet. Input how much you want to buy and approve the transaction.

Participants can claim the tokens for all successful transactions once the presale ends.

The crypto space is evolving rapidly. Big Eyes does not intend to remain a regular meme project. Instead, it has taken up real utility. With these features, it will thrive beyond any pre-existing projects.

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Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/

Website: https://bigeyes.space/

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL

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