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  • Tuesday, February, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 10:57:57
  • Hyderabad: Doctors at Secunderabad KIMS Hospital gave a lifetime relief for a 15-year-old boy suffering from a spinal deformity. The boy underwent complex surgery to bring his spine back to normal stage.  The boy’s parents thanked doctors for resuscitating their child, whose spine had grown abnormally and had difficulty breathing up to the chest.

    A 15-year-old boy from lb Nagar of Hyderabad has a congenital spinal deformity.  His parents have been referring him to a number of doctors to cure his back pain. The doctors found that the boy’s spinal deformity was increasing rapidly and his shape was changing, as well as back pain, but could not find any relief. His parents deeply worried about their son as the deformity of the spine made it difficult for him to even breathe easily. After several unsuccessful attempts by various doctors The boy’s parents finally took him to KIMS Hospitals, Secunderabad. There the boy was examined by Spine surgeon Dr Suresh Cheekatla who has rich experience in dealing such type of complicated deformities in KIMS Hospitals.  Dr. Suresh cheekatal performed Tests such as x-rays, whole spine CT scan, MRI for the boy and identified the disease is a rapidly progressive type of primary idiopathic dorsal kyphoscoliosis. After identifying the problem he took the advice of a cardiologist and pulmonologist to go for Single Stage deformity correction surgery. 

    KIMS Hospital said the boy underwent single-stage deformity correction surgery as his growth was rapid as he was 15 years old and their family’s financial situation was not so good. This single-stage surgery makes it possible to correct a disability at a lower cost. Spinal surgeon Doctor Suresh cheekatla, Doctor Sainath, Doctor Rohith kilaru together successfully completed the complex surgery with the help of the anaesthesia team led by Dr Naresh Kumar. Now the boy’s spine is almost normal, doctors said. The boy’s parents thanked the doctors who corrected their child’s disability. On this occasion Doctors said that if similar deformities of the spine are detected at a young age and surgery is done, the deformity can be almost corrected and the treatment becomes more difficult as they get older.