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  • Bigg Boss OTT house is always fuming hot but this time it’s because of singer Neha Bhasin Know why

    Published on August 30, 2021

    ~In the middle of the day, Neha Bhasin chooses to spend some alone quality time in the pool wearing a simple yet stylish white bikini~

    The Bigg Boss OTT house is always in news for several reasons like fights, arguments, romance, love, friendship, etc. But this time it is Neha Bhasin who has caught the eye of the audience with her yet another bold look. The singer is known for her beautiful voice, blockbuster tracks and over-the-top fashion style. Before entering the Bigg Boss OTT house she had mentioned about how wearing quirky, edgy outfits is a part of who she is and that she likes to dress up.

     Well, on a normal day in the Bigg Boss OTT house where fights keep happening every now and then, Neha Bhasin was seen in a much relaxing mood. In the middle of the day, the singer chose to hit the swimming pool which seemed perfect on a good sunny day!!!! She was seen swimming as though she was trying to calm herself from all the chaos in the house. Just then, her connection Pratik joined her to give some company sitting outside the pool.

    Isn’t it cute to see the two bonding? It’s been a while that the audience has seen how the two keep flirting back and forth, teasing around. Is there something cooking between the Boss Man and Boss Lady? Or is it just temporary because they have no option but to stay connected, however, hope they don’t get too connected….

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