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  • Monday, July, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:19:32
  • It can be credited to be one of the most amazing development of the Web3 space.

    The NFT industry has been growing at an exponential pace of late as they are predicted to rule the future. With its growing popularity, many investors from across the globe have started taking interest in its workings as they strongly believe that this space is going to explode, looking at the traction it has gained in recent times. This is backed by the fact that it’s total trade volume was about $40 Billion, and with time it is anticipated to grow unbelievably, possibly reaching the figure of $70 Billion.

    NFT projects have been introduced back-to-back in the past year as they have caught the attention of people worldwide. Out of all, Billy Bunny is a recent development in the Web3 space which is a new NFT collection all set to make its mark shortly. There are a total of 4,999 unique bunnies which are on a lookout for Billy Bunnies, which are notorious by nature. According to the latest developments, the Bunny has given orders to his crew to leave the metaverse, escort members in WEB3.0 and help them to mint their way in BunnyLand.

    With a robust roadmap which is guaranteed to make it a huge success, Billy Bunny is moving ahead at a fast pace and will soon conquer the NFT land. What’s amazing about this project is it will unleash a fantastic experience on the Sandbox as they are soon launching a series of gameplay on the Sandbox. This will automatically shoot up the valuation of the bunnies within no time, say industry experts who are keenly observing its developments.
    The project has also streamlined its investment strategy and have decided to part with 50% of their profits as per their DAO’s regulation as their DAO system is excellent and in place. They are also having a strong governance through their community which will be consulted for any kind of investment strategies going ahead. Furthermore, they have decided to launch their merchandise soon, which will include a wide range of retail collection comprising the most attractive bunnies you must have ever seen.
    There’s a lot in store for the holders via events and exclusive memberships, which will be unveiled once the project is on track.
    Get to know more on www.billybunnynft.com.


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