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  • Birla Fertility & IVF operates on a testicular cancer patient with 10% chance of conception and helps the couple become parents

    Published on September 30, 2022

    Uses the advanced Micro TESA surgery for strengthening the sperm quality for a successful conception

    New Delhi : Furthering the commitment to being a global leader in fertility care with a vision to transform the future of fertility, Birla Fertility & IVF successfully performed a Microsurgical testicular sperm extraction (Micro TESA) surgery on a 33-year-old male patient from Delhi with a history of testicular cancer, enabling him and his wife to become parents after combating infertility for four years.

    Sneha’s husband had a history of Seminoma, a slow-growing form of testicular cancer found in males. Before undergoing treatment for the same, he decided to freeze his sperms, to retain his chances of becoming a father post recovering from the cancer. After undergoing treatment for testicular cancer, the couple tried to conceive for 4 years without any success. The couple finally came to Birla Fertility & IVF for the treatment. A team of fertility experts led by Dr. Prachi Benara, Consultant, Birla Fertility & IVF diagnosed that the patient was suffering from extremely poor sperm quality thereby reducing the chances of conception to as low as 10%. Dr. Prachi and her team successfully retrieved the sperm through a unique technique called Micro TESA (Microsurgical testicular sperm extraction commonly known as Micro TESE). The couple delivered a healthy baby girl. Micro- TESE is a microsurgical procedure to retrieve sperms directly from the testes in men having Azoospermia due to the defective process of sperm production. It is an advanced procedure that requires the skill and understanding of micro-surgery and testicular anatomy.

    Further adding to this, Dr Prachi Benara, Consultant, Birla Fertility & IVF, Gurugram said,” Men with certain types of cancer or who are undergoing treatment for cancer may often face fertility issues. This is where procedures like fertility preservation can prove to be significant and beneficial for helping couples fulfil their dream of becoming parents, while improving the quality-of-life post cancer. Patients may not be aware of their options for preserving fertility as they focus on their cancer diagnosis and treatment. However, recent advancements such as cancer fertility preservation can help patients to keep the fertility window open for a longer time. The advances in fertility preservation and other treatment options like cortex freezing and ovarian tissue freezing have given a lot of hope to preserve future fertility and reproductive health for cancer patients.”

    Commenting on the case, Akshat Seth, CEO of CK Birla Healthcare said, “The fertility space in the country is now centred around holistic fertility health, thereby focusing on quality and patient-centred healthcare. With the comprehensive and advanced portfolio of fertility treatment coming into action, which includes male infertility treatments, female fertility treatments, and advanced facilities for genetic screening, microscopic biopsies, sperm retrieval and rare sperm freezing, egg freezing, ovarian tissue freezing and diagnostics, fertility solutions are now evolving at a rapid speed. Moreover, fertility is an emotional journey and there is a need to bring compassion into the process of fertility treatment. It is important to understand the individual preferences of patients, respect their choices and customize treatments that are best suited to each patient.


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