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Biryani Promotion @ Radisson Blu MBD Noida

Made in India, the specialty Indian restaurant at the Radisson Blu MBD, Noida has come up with the Biryani BiriyaniPromotion, which is an amalgamation of the flavors of the long-forgotten cuisines of India. The Biryani Promotion is rooted in the rich royal heritage of India and is a combination of subtle flavors as varied as India’s climate and as exotic as India’s royal culinary legacy.

The menu boasts of delectable Biryani preparations from across India in both vegetarian and non vegetarian platters. The culinary experience for the Non Vegetarians begins with the lip smacking Kachi gosht ki Biryani (the traditional Hyderabadi style with the rice and lamb cooked together from the raw form in its own steam), the mouth-watering Keema bhare Murgh ka pulao (a delectable combination of mince stuffed chicken and fragrant basmati rice) and Paya ki Biryani (lamb trotters with homemade spices combined expertly with rice in an earthen pot) and  Chicken Chettinad biryani (mace and star anise flavored chicken morsels layered between fragrant basmati rice.

Made in India also have an array of Fish Biryani for the fish lovers. One can choose from Jhinga pulao (Plump prawns flavored with saffron green cardamom and tossed with rice), Mahi haryali tikka pulao (a unique mélange of tandoor spice marinated fish and slow cooked rice)

Vegetarians can choose from Kathal ki Biryani (braised tender jackfruit and long grained basmati rice cooked in a copper pan), Aloo Bohri Biryani (a specialty of the Bohri community comprising of baby potato and rice), Kesariya subz Biryani (mixed seasonal vegetables steam cooked with rice and saffron), Lauki channe ka pulao (a house specialty of bottle gourd, Bengal gram and basmati rice),  Makai pudhine ka pulao (sweet corn infused with mint leaves finished with a generous helping of basmati rice), and Gatte aur kale moti ki Biryani (spiced flour dumplings, black gram and basmati rice set together to form a classical Rajasthani novelty).

Recreating the magic of the spices, our master chefs have carefully handpicked spices and flavors often used in the Kitchens of the erstwhile royalties. So this September enjoy the culinary journey at Made in India with the scrumptious Biryani preparations.

Source : Mehak sharma



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