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  • Sunday, November, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:01:21
  • by Suresh Unnithan

    The ruling BJP is overwhelmingly confident of winning the 2019 general election, on its own. The Election is hardly seven months from now and Party National chief Amit Shah has affirmed in the just concluded two-day national executive that his party is invincible and came up with an aggressive slogan “ajay BJP” for the General Election.  To cheer the already charged cadre Shah reassured that the party “will come (back) with an absolute majority (in the Lok Sabha). Sankalp ki shakti ko koi parajit nahi kar sakta”

    Interestingly the Prime Minister Narendra Modi seemed unimpressed at the tone of the said slogan “ajay (invincible) BJP”.  During his address to the party delegates on the concluding session of the National Executive, Modi reframed the slogan as “Ajay Bharat Atal BJP”. Many in the party felt Modi had replaced Shah’s slogan not just to make it more appealing, but to make the message loud and clear that like in the Government he was the supreme boss in the party and not Amit Shah.

    Shah knows for sure that Modi is the only icon of the present day BJP and that’s why he told the cadre “We have the most-popular leader in the world [Prime Minister Narendra Modi]” to win the elections.

    But the results of a recent survey are slightly disheartening. The ‘Mood of the Nation Survey’ by India Today suggests a downward trend in PM’s popularity graph. The survey results says that Modi’s “popularity has dropped from 53% in January 2018 to 49% in July 2018.”

    According to a Lokniti-ABP-CSDS survey, conducted between April 27 and May 17, 2018 there is “a dip in Modi’s popularity as the choice for PM.” The survey said “in May 2017, PM Modi’s popularity was at 44 per cent, which declined to 37 per cent in January 2018 and is at 34 per cent now.”  The survey also said that “47 per cent of the 15,859 respondents felt that the Modi government did not deserve another chance to govern India in Lok Sabha Elections 2019.”

    The survey has also indicated a strong disenchantment against the Modi regime among the religious minorities in the country. “About three-fourths of Muslims, three-fifths of Christians and well over half the Sikhs indicated that they do not wish to see the Modi government coming back to power next year.”

    Interestingly, the survey has pointed to a surge in Rahul Gandhi’s popularity “by 15 per cent between May 2017 to May 2018 and stands at 24 per cent currently.”

    If the survey results are to be believed, 39 per cent people believe that the NDA government should be given another chance while the rest were non-committal.

    Political pundits and senior scribes equate the emerging situation to that of the last nine months or UPA when the popularity of Dr Manmohan Singh government started plummeting.

    A senior journalists who has been covering BJP for over two decades observes, “more than anything (PM) Modi’s silence on the insensitive comments and abusive statements from some of his party leaders and ministers have irritated the common man and this irritation could very well reflect in the coming elections if measures are not taken to  silence the senseless gutter-mouths. ”

    For instance, the derogatory comment from Haryana Minister and senior BJP leader Anil Vij against the Father of the Nation that, “When Gandhi’s image was put on notes, the currency also got devalued.”  Neither Prime Minister Modi, nor his party took any punitive action against the minister.

    Basangouda S Patil Yatnal, BJP leader and a former union minister from Karnataka in June this year openly said that the Bharatiya Janata Party should not work for the development of the Muslim community, as they had not voted for his party. “I never asked Muslims to vote for me, I had faith in Hindus that they would vote for me.”

    He was not even asked for an explanation.

    A few weeks ago when the state of Kerala was inundated in flash floods- over 400 died, more than a million got displaced, hundreds of thousands lost their homes and valuables-  the same Basangouda Patil Yatnal said that the devastating deluge in Kerala was the result of ruthless cow slaughtering in the state.”Slaughtering cows is against the feelings of the Hindu community. One should not hurt the feelings of other religions. Now you see what happened to Kerala, they openly slaughtered cows and you see in less than one year they’ve come to this stage.” The comments of the BJP leader was deplored by people across the country and again the BJP never took any action against the outrageous party leader.

    “Television anchors masquerading as Modi Bhakts  scream, rebuke and yell at the neutrals brains who disagree with certain government policies and even depict them ‘anti-nationals’. The cyber soldiers have a free-run, attacking anyone opposed to anything related to Modi regime without civility. The party and the government hardly restrain (these elements),” a house wife from Thiruvananthapuram said.

    The offensive, crude language and irritating gestures of the latest brand of BJP spokespersons and the arrogance they display in debates have also affected the popularity of the Prime Minister who likes to present himself as “Pradhan Sevak” ( a term borrowed from Jawaharlal Nehru), said N.Subhadra, senior software professional from Kochi.

    “Under Modi regime even elected representatives of his party have scant regards even to the judiciary of the country.  How daringly a UP Minister in public says ‘Supreme Court humara hai’,” a Social worker who does not want to be identified says.

    She was referring to UP cooperative minister Mukut Bihari Verma’s response to a journalist on Ayodhya Ram Mandir dispute which is pending in the Supreme Court. The journalists asked him how would BJP build the Ram temple in Ayodhya when the matter was sub-judice in the apex court, the minister firmly said, “Supreme Court mein hai tabhi toh. Supreme Court bhi humara hai na.  Supreme Court humara hai, karya palika bhi humari hai, vidhan palika bhi humari hai, desh bhi humara hai, mandir bhi humara hai.” (The matter is in SC, that’s why. The SC is also ours. The SC is ours, the executive is ours, the legislature is ours, the country is ours and the temple is ours).”

    Its, time the Prime Minister calls to mind his own words “We walk together, we move together, we think together, we resolve together, and together we take this country forward.”

    For sure the Pradhan Sevak knows that in democracy “People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”