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BlueSemi puts India on the health-tech world map with its game-changing non-invasive blood glucose gadget EYVA

New Delhi  : BlueSemi, a revolutionary Hyderabad-based Health-tech company that’s on a mission to transform the way people monitor their health on a daily basis, is making waves across the globe with its first-of-its-kind marquee healthtech offering, EYVA. Underlining its commitment to strengthen domestic manufacturing and R&D capabilities under the aspirational vision of PM Modi’s ‘Make in India’ movement, BlueSemi has emerged as a true pioneer with the launch of EYVA, world’s first non-invasive blood glucose monitoring device.

 Promising a whole new healthcare monitoring and managing experience solution to people, the non invasive consumer health-tech gadget is backed by an innovative patented technology leveraging sensor fusion, accurate AI algorithms, and smart IoT. Eyva has already been shipped to 24 states out of 28 states in India as a part of their introductory beta launch in 2022. Eyva has seen close to 3,50,000+ scans, the breakthrough device is slated to herald a new-age in healthcare, lifestyle and preventive care and that is a great leap of advantage.

Mr. Sunil Maddikatla Founder & CEO of BlueSemi Said, “With the advent of non-invasive blood glucose in next-gen preventive care health tech gadgets, users will now have the power to stay one step ahead when it comes to evaluating their body vitals and make informed decisions about their health. As the torchbearers of this groundbreaking technology, not just in India but across the globe, Eyva is enabling people to become better and healthier versions of themselves. We are excited to be at the forefront of this disruptive tech revolution, as our innovative technology EYVA is leading the way towards, unlocking a new frontier in healthcare and wellness.

 The comprehensive health-tech gadget can measure 6 key body vitals, including Blood glucose (no prick/ no blood), HbA1c*, ECG, Blood pressure, SPo2, and Heart rate, with just a touch and provide health and wellness insights in real time. With simple touch and no pricks and blood, the gadget enables users to connect with their inner self and know their health status in merely 60 seconds.

 Priced at INR 16,650 in India, The gadget comes along with a free app providing daily, weekly & monthly trends along with daily insights to make essential health and lifestyle decisions regarding fitness, nutrition, stress management, etc. Built to use anytime and anywhere, EYVA is designed to enhance the aesthetics of wherever the product is placed.

BlueSemi will recommence online ordering of its Flagship product EYVA starting March 11th, 2023 on its App and website eyva.io.  

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