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  • Bollywish: Get Personalized Video Call, Messages from Celebrities for Every Occasion

    Published on November 9, 2020

    It’s fair to say that this year has been tough on us all. Life as we know it has changed. Social distancing norms, and the efforts to keep precaution against illness as the number one priority, for the ones we love and ourselves, has distanced us from many of the people that we love. 

    Being away from our loved ones is difficult anytime, but when special occasions and festivals come around, social distancing becomes so much more difficult. This anguish stems from the fact that we want to express our love and gratitude, in-person, to those that hold a special place in our hearts and lives. 

    As festive season in India is around the corner, we would love to greet and wish our loved ones and friends in a special way. Video calls and messages on Whatapp and other apps is a thing of past now. It’s time to make these greeting more personalized and special with celebrity shoutout platform like Bollywish.

    What is Bollywish? 

    If you haven’t already heard of Bollywish, there’s no better time to know more about this celebrity shoutout platform than now. With Covid-19 keeping you away from friends and family, how do you wish, greet, or congratulate loved ones on special occasions? Do you want to be restricted to communicating feelings on special days to texting? 

    If not, Bollywish facilitates celebrity shoutouts that allows you to convey your warmest regards to the ones you love in a truly unique matter. 

    Bollywish is one of a kind celebrity shoutout platform that allows you to send a heartfelt greeting to just about anyone, and a celebrity of repute can do just that on your behalf. The good news is – 

    • With Bollywish you needn’t break social distancing norms to send out a wish or a greeting to a loved one, on a festive occasion.

    • You can rope in your special someone’s favourite celebrity to record a heartfelt message to him or her, on your behalf.

    • It’s a pocket-friendly service that cost as much as the typical birthday or festival gift.

    • For anything between 1000 to 5000 INR, get a Bollywish celeb to record a personalized wish or greeting for your loved one.

    • On Bollywish you have access to India’s most talked about celebrities, be it actors, singers, or sports stars, they are all there on Bollywish.

    • Bollywish is your chance to make a message to your loved one truly special with a celebrity shoutout; a unique gift which is bound to be exciting and amazing.


    Make the Most of Bollywish This Upcoming Festive Season 

    Knowing what you know about Bollywish, it is only fair that you make the most of Bollywish this upcoming festive season. Be it Diwali or Christmas, or a birthday or anniversary, rope in a notable celeb on Bollywish to send out a recorded message to your loved ones. 

    Especially now, when Covid is keeping us away from the ones we love, Bollywish is at your disposal, to bridge the gap between people during the festive season, despite an ongoing pandemic, and the need for social distancing.


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